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Addon skript-yaml v1.3.2

YAML the way it should be

  1. Actual fix for yaml directory ids

    This actually fixes things
  2. Fix for yaml directory ids

    just a small update
  3. Added a few random things

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  4. 1.13 support

    1.13 support

    • Fixed issue with stuff not saving properly due to 'NoSuchMethod' error
    **EDIT**: At the moment this version doesn't work with some older versions of spigot(1.8 etc.), you can safely use 1.2.4 if you get a 'NoSuchMethod' error
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  5. More fixes

    • Fixed issue with files not loading if some keys contained integers
      • They now get converted into characters, keep this in mind when fetching data from those nodes
    • Fixed issue with elements not saving in the same order they were set
    • Fixed error when loading a file with empty nodes
    • Fixed a casting issue with lists
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  6. v1.2.3

    • Fixed issue #6 before it was reported <3
      • Moved serialization method to better location to address an issue where certain serialization didn't happen if the file was loaded and saved again(without setting the value)
    • Added more skript classes to the representer
      • Date, Time, Timespan, Color and WeatherType
        • Date is parsed the same way snakeyaml would have converted 'java.util.Date'...
  7. v1.2.2


    • Added Skripts ItemType and Slot class to the yaml representer
      • This fixes certain items not being saved as ItemStack
    • Fixed stacktrace when saving empty yaml
    • Updated the Yaml expression to filter color codes back and forth
      • Use the 'without string checks' option to disable it
  8. Bugfixes and more

    Bugfixes and more
    • Updated how de/serialization works using Snakeyamls built in methods
      • This means you will see a change in how Skript serialized classes look removing the map node 'skriptclass' to a tag '!skriptclass' that Snakeyaml uses to parse data types
      • Vector and Location also have a tag and removal of the map node representing the data type
      • Bukkits ConfigurationSerializable data types are also de/serializable using the same method bukkit feeds to...
  9. More features

    Code (Text):
    2. Added even more things to make the addon more feature complete
    4.   - Added effect `[re]load all [y[a]ml] from [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings% [using [the] filename as [the] id]` (loads all .yml from a directory thx pikachu for the idea)
    5.   - Files are now saved with additional lines between each node
    6.     - Updated 'Save yaml' effect to...
    7.       - `save [y[a]ml] %string% [(1¦without extra lines between nodes)]`
    8.   - Comments and header no longer add additional lines by...
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  10. Bug fix

    Removed AsyncEffect from save effect due to issues

    To reproduce said issue...

    Code (Skript):
    2. On script load:
    3.    load yaml "plugins/skript-yaml/test/test.yml" as "test"
    5. command /test:
    6.    trigger:
    7.        loop 100 times:
    8.            set yaml value "node1.node2.node3" from "test" to 1
    9.            save yaml "test"
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