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  1. erenkara

    Script ItemForge 1.0.0

    Item forge lets you easily create custom items in a YML file! Requires skript-reflect and SkBee! View Code Usage Create a .yml file inside plugins/Skript/scripts/ItemForge, the name doesn't matter and can be used to group your items. The root key will always be the ID of your item, the ID is...
  2. Jason Paige

    Storage Efficacy

    Hey, recently I wanted to make custom item bags that are based on player heads. these items can then be crafted into something else for sale and transport, as well as being placeable and only holds 8 items that are exchanged via crafting recipe. simple enough I thought. Wrong, but I digress. I...
  3. L

    skutil yaml - read added variables from a file

    the title itself doesn't explain much, so i'll explain it here. I want to create custom items with custom lores and rarities. This is done pretty easy in skript with the "set {@name} to item", but as I will create a lot of items, I needed to save them as yml's to be more space efficient. I...
  4. dmc

    Solved logs of chat saving to yaml file

    Hello, I need to write messages with sender to yaml file. That's what I have right now: on chat: load yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" as "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" wf "%now% < %player% > %message%" to "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" save yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" (but it isnt working) bump...
  5. G

    skutilities not working

    Hi, I'm trying to create a command that can save and read informations on a yaml file (.yml). So, I've coded this, but it's not working: command /try: trigger: send skutilities yaml value "try" of file "file.yml" I receive this error while trying to load the .sk file...
  6. M

    Coinsystem Skript doesn`t work

    Hello, I already tried this, but it doesn`t work: on join: if file "plugins/Coins/%uuid of player%.yml" doesn't exist: create file "plugins/Coins/%uuid of player%.yml" wait 1 tick set yml value "Anzahl" of file "plugins/Coins/%uuid of player%.yml" to "1000"...
  7. M

    How can I get information from a yml file

    Hello everyone. I am trying to get info from a yml file. Below are its contents (I can't find how to make codeblocks). Is it possible to get a list of homes from the file and check if a home of a specific name is in it? Thanks in advance homes: ....creativetest: ........//info about home...
  8. kamilleon

    Skript YML

    I'm pretty new to yaml, and I'd like to turn this list (there's more) into a skript variable like {bcmoney::first part of yml value, aka name here} and the value as an integer: Unify: 246 Amerika: 34 ryptYppYlee: 21 Johny_: 25 Ares: 85 KamillPlayZ: 68 jutefon: 13 simsala26: 55 Cles: 19...
  9. Sashie

    Addon skript-yaml v1.3.2

    skript-yaml The proper way to do yaml in skript Rather then checking the file each time this addon caches the yaml file to memory It also includes comment/header support which is not found in the other yaml addons Source code available at github Skripts ez-yaml.sk - Updated version...
  10. Rezz

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    WARNING see https://forums.skunity.com/threads/outdated-dont-use-yaml.3850/page-2#post-57240 Unfortunately, YAML is one of the most inefficient things you can do in Skript. It may seem like a convenience -- or even a necessary enhancement -- at first glance, but the harsh reality is: no...
  11. Barbarx

    YML list checking.

    Hello. i created one skript but i cant check if %entity uuid of victim% is in yml list. on load: if file "plugins/Skript/MoboveSpawner.yml" doesn't exists: create file "plugins/Skript/MoboveSpawner.yml" add "Vytvoreno" to yml list "Mobove" of file...
  12. A

    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager 1.2

    SKRegions is a simple region-data manager that allows multiple YML files for more clarity and optimization. Required addons: SKUtilities, SKQuery, SKStuff Getting started First, you'll have to set the path of the folder where files are supported. Open the script with your favorite text editor...
  13. T

    API EzYML 1.2

    EzYML.sk Description: A simple function to speed up the process of creating YML files and adding values/lists into them. Usage: If you've ever used JSON.sk, you'll understand the way this function works. An example usage of this: on script load: if existence of "plugins/DIR/config.yml" is...