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Addon skript-yaml v1.3.2

YAML the way it should be

  1. Bugfixes and more

    Bugfixes and more
    • Updated how de/serialization works using Snakeyamls built in methods
      • This means you will see a change in how Skript serialized classes look removing the map node 'skriptclass' to a tag '!skriptclass' that Snakeyaml uses to parse data types
      • Vector and Location also have a tag and removal of the map node representing the data type
      • Bukkits ConfigurationSerializable data types are also de/serializable using the same method bukkit feeds to snakeyaml
        • These types have their own serialized structure
      • It will update any previously saved data types
    • Added Effect to delete all yaml or any loaded yaml from a directory
    • 'delete all [y[a]ml] from [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings%'
    • 'delete (all|any) loaded [y[a]ml] from [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings% [using [the] filename as [the] id]'
    • Re-added 'Does yaml path exist' condition since the built in skript version was returning the wrong result (check docs for more info)
    • Changed 'Yaml' expression to [[skript-]y[a]ml] (1¦value|2¦(node|path) list|3¦(node|path)[s with] keys|4¦list) %string% (of|in|from) %string% [without string checks]
      • Using '(node|path) list' only gets a list of nodes at that path (full names like 'rootnode.subnode' are returned)
    • Fixed comments and header not loading into memory during a fresh load (causing them to not be saved as a result)
    • Snakeyaml loads asynchronously already so i changed loading 'Effect' instead of 'AsyncEffect' (it fixes an error that happens sometimes)

    Skript serialized classes now look like...
    Code (Text):
    2. nodeName: !skriptclass
    3.    type: someclasstype
    4.    data: bGF3bHMgZ2V0IHJla3QgPDMgdGhpcyBpcyBvbmx5IGZvciBleGFtcGxl
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