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Addon skript-storage: Whole new way to store data! 1.2.1

Support YAML, JSON and TOML, all with same syntaxes and optimization!

  1. Small fixes ...

    This very small update brings fix the #1 issue, where lists were taken as Java lists and not converted into Skript's ones.
    In addition, you can use list values in the loop effect as long as you use the s in values word (skript-storage will therefore convert it as a list)
  2. Queue system update!

    This pretty big update implemented whole new features: Queues!
    Queues are made for huge data management, and only advanced users should use them.
    You can create a queue for a specific path, then every change made to it will be queued, but not saved to the file yet.
    Make the changes you want, and save the file one time with all these values by restarting the queue!

    Example code:

    Code (Text):
    1. create shortcut for "plugins/Test/test.json" as "config"
    2. start queue for "config" # After this...