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Addon skript-mirror 0.16.1

Natural reflection utilities for Skript

  1. skript-mirror 0.16.1

    • Fix the matched pattern expression
    To be honest, the primary purpose of this release is to publish skript-mirror's new GitBook-based documentation. At this time, the documentation is still a work-in-progress and lacks documentation on some core features, but it's still better to have incomplete documentation than none at all!

    Check out the documentation here.
  2. skript-mirror 0.16.0

    • Disable missing and/or warning
    • General improvements to property expressions
    • Add version to english.lang (#68)
    • Allow java calls to be used as conditions (#69)
    • Fix syntax conflicts with other addons (#70)
  3. skript-mirror 0.15.0

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes
    Hey there! This should be the last massive breaking update until full release! (Unless we can remove the ! from field accessors)

    • Java calls no longer use ; as a line terminator
    • Fix custom expression return types
    • Allow the loop-* of a plural expression to specified
    • Add plural form to the java class of property
    • Store expression values when custom syntax is executed...
  4. skript-mirror 0.14.1

    • Fix issue with spreading Java objects
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  5. skript-mirror 0.14.0

    • Fix issues with object wrappers
    • Remove the stack trace expression
    • Restrict import aliases to valid Java identifiers
    • Remove multiple as a synonym for plural/non-single
    • Fix try expressions not being converted correctly
    • Fix parse sections being parsed multiple times
    • Fix an NPE with nullable expressions in parse sections
    • Start localization
    • Allow the spread expression to spread streams
    • Register custom syntax earlier so that they can be used recursively
    • Wrap...
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  6. skript-mirror 0.12.1

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes
    • type is no longer a synonym for class
    • the last java error now returns the actual error object instead of the message
    • Add a section for intercepting the initialization of custom syntax at parse-time (#26)
    • Add a conditional continue utility for conditions and effects (#45)...
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  7. skript-mirror 0.11.1

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes
    As each issue closes one-by-one, skript-mirror gets closer and closer to a stable release! While we're making a lot of changes that should improve the developer experience, it's important to note that some of those changes are not backward-compatible. Please sit tight while things stabilize!

    • Replace the old import system with a new script-local expression-based system.
    • Make property expressions and conditions operate on single...
  8. skript-mirror 0.10.0

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes
    skript-mirror is getting closer to a stable 1.0 release! We're using these last few 0.X releases to do any necessary breaking changes while we still can.

    This update introduces some massive changes that will break all existing custom syntax declarations. Thankfully, custom syntax in this version is effectively final and will not see any breaking changes in the future.

    • Custom syntax declarations have been completely overhauled and look...
  9. skript-mirror 0.9.0

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes
    • Syntax for continue changed to return [%-objects%] (#30)
    • Syntax for null changed to null
    • Add experimental support for implementing interfaces
    • Add custom conditions
    • Add an expression for getting a raw expression from a custom expression
    • Preserve null during casting (#10)
    • Improve error...
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  10. skript-mirror 0.8.3

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes
    • Change modes now start with "to "
    • Fix the index of expressions displayed in toString()
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