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  1. _tud

    Addon unsafe-skript 1.0-alpha1

    unsafe-skript True reflection capabilities for Skript unsafe-skript is a Skript addon providing true reflection capabilities. It was created and tested on the 2.7.0-beta3 Skript version. Support for other versions is not guaranteed. Features include: - dynamic function calling - run-time...
  2. X

    Execute string as Skript code

    Hello, everyone Came to ask just one simple question. Is it possible to execute a string as Skript code in any way? Example: function("set {_x} to 'hello from the string'") function("send {_x} to all players") # or expression "set {_x} to 'hello from the string'" expression "send {_x} to all...
  3. btk5h

    Other Custom effects and expressions with skript-mirror

    As of skript-mirror 0.8.0, you can now create your own custom effects and expressions. These serve as a replacement for Skript functions with more features and more familiar syntax. By combining custom syntax with reflection, it is now possible to extend Skript in ways previously only...
  4. btk5h

    Other Advanced event handling with skript-mirror

    skript-mirror offers robust event support for scripts that need to: listen to events that aren't supported by Skript listen to multiple (even unrelated) events under the same event handler listen to events with a specific priority level Listening to custom events You can listen to any Bukkit...
  5. btk5h

    Other Advanced date formatting with skript-mirror

    Skript doesn't offer much support for date formatting. Fortunately, Java provides advanced support for date formatting through String#format. Let's access it using skript-mirror! This tutorial is friendly to users playing around in the server console. Because none of the following examples...
  6. btk5h

    Other Embedding Java code in Skript with skript-mirror

    Although Skript and its addons wrap many of the essential utilities from Java and Bukkit, some projects have special requirements that utilize features not yet been implemented by addons. One of the features of skript-mirror is the ability to call arbitrary Java methods and fields, effectively...
  7. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror 0.19.1

    Documentation | Source | Releases Quickstart import: java.lang.System java.lang.String as JavaString java.lang.Math org.bukkit.Location command /reflectiontest: trigger: System.out!.println("Hello from Skript!") sender.sendMessage("Reflection message!") message...