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  1. italo

    Set CustomName to arrow

    I want to create custom arrows, part of which I have already done in IntelliJ, and it works, but the arrows are issued through Skript. How can I set a custom name for the arrow so that I can check it in IntelliJ? command /test: trigger: if arg-1 is set: set {_item} to arrow...
  2. M

    Solved Skript error during a condition

    I would like to check if the variable is already created if it's not created, then create it but I get an error in the console: on join: if {pb::%player%} is not set: set {pb::%player%} to 0 error:
  3. I

    Async Pre Login Disallow in Skript

    Hello. I'm looking for a way to use an AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent in a skript. @EventHandler public void onPreLogin(AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent event) { /// event.disallow(AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent.Result.KICK_BANNED, "You cant join"); } I am not looking for a solution such as kick a player...
  4. M

    Loop Player Prefix with Luckperms

    Hi all, First time on this forum, because I didn't get something to work. What I want is a tabname for every player on the server with a Luckperms Prefix. My code: on join: set {server_tps_5} to placeholder "server_tps_5" set {luckperms_groups} to placeholder "luckperms_groups"...
  5. H

    CompletableFuture in skript w/ skript-mirror

    Hello there, I am trying to get a return value from a plugin API with skript-mirror. However it's working with CompletableFuture. How should i finish the task and get the return value with skript? Please solve as an example of "CustomAPI.getBan". Tysm! ^ PUSH
  6. DieHollander_

    DieHollander's Skript Development

    Hey everybody! Like the title of this thread said, I'm a Skript Developer. Let me introduce myself to you: My name is Kian (aka DieHollander), I'm 18 years old, and live in The Netherlands. I think it's about 6 years ago that I started learning Skript, so I'm pretty experienced with it. My...
  7. D

    How to save player's armor

    Hey, I'm trying to write an inventory save script for my citybuild script, everything works fine except the armor is not saved? Does anyone know maybe how to save the armor in a value and recall it? Thanks already!
  8. I

    Hiring Java developer...

    So, I need someone to make a skript addon... If anyone is willing to work for free, please message me via skunity. This is completely for personal use. Heres what I want: Effects: set [the] [app] icon of %player% to %item% set [the] name of [the] app of %player% to %text% [with color...
  9. J


    Person: Jake Cooper Brief about you: I am jake cooper the owner of a minecraft server in the making and i am looking for a custom ban plugin Perm or temp?: This Is A Temp Offer Basic idea: So i know their is this skycade ban recreaton skript but i need a plugin like that with the same style the...
  10. V

    Can I use this in a java Plugin

    Is it possible to use this in a java addon so I can create particles with that plugin? If not is there a possibilitie to create a method (dont know how this is called in a skript) and call this via my plugin?
  11. Moderocky

    API Mask 2.1.2

    This API is aimed primarily at plugin-makers or beginner addon developers. The primary goal is to try and simplify most of the dull or complex tasks that are required in addon/plugin creation. I use it in production, which is pretty much a guarantee that I will keep it updated. Almost no...
  12. kamilleon


    I tried multiple things to get the superior skyblock api to work with skript mirror, but I couldn't. I would only need it to check if the player who executes the command is the leader of the island he is in team of. Any help? Plugin(Api)...

    stack items with Skript

    Hello how i can Stack items with Skript i have a Java Code: but how i can make this in Skript?

    Balance split (NEED HELP)

    Hello, it is possible do split balance? example: 5.000 instead of 5000 i work with: {coins.%player%}
  15. Wolwer

    Pls, Help with source compiling.

    Hello, developers. I need your help. I have found a source code of java plugin on github ( I wanna to compile it, but i don't know how to do it. I have searching for the ways of compilation for many hours, but haven't find it. Please, help me...
  16. X

    Verify permissions of an offline player

    SPANISH Verificar permisos de un jugador offline Hola! He venido aqui porque soy nuevo con el tema de skript-mirror... Quiero verificar si un jugador offline tiene permisos.... no quiero usar "if player data of arg-1 has permission "blabla.blabla"" esto simplemente verifica si tiene permisos...

    Solved fixed

  18. LimeGlass

    The Lime Tree | LimeGlass's Addon shop

    Raw spreadsheet if image isn't working: Coding Skills: Attending Computer Software Engineering Education Kotlin Groovy Java JavaScript BASH HTML/CSS Lua Skript Python Github...

    Is it possible a JAVA code in Skript to use?!

    Hey, i need help it is possible to use a Java code to a Skript Java Code:
  20. T

    Hiring Searching for a Java Developer

    Server/Person name: OrpetveitMC Brief about you: hi I'm Tully (nothing much to say) Perm or temp?: temporarily Basic idea of request: I'm looking for someone who's experienced with Java and making Java plugins and can make me a working staff chat across all servers, A ban system and a mute...