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Oct 21, 2020
So, I need someone to make a skript addon... If anyone is willing to work for free, please message me via skunity. This is completely for personal use. Heres what I want:
set [the] [app] icon of %player% to %item%
set [the] name of [the] app of %player% to %text% [with color %color code%]
set [the] description of [the] app of %player% to %text%
set [the] slot of %id% to %number%
create [an] app with id %id% [with icon %item%] [and|,] [name %text%] (and|,) [description %text%] to [run]
(force, make) player [to] open app %id%

on app open
on app create
on app close

player is in app

appopener, app-opener, app opener
app id, id, app-id
created app
app-icon, app icon
app-name, app name
app-description, app description, app-desc, app desc
app slot, app-slot

effect 1: format slot %app slot% to the item chosen.
effect 2: change the name of %created app% to the text chosen
effect 3: change the lore of %created app% to the text chosen
effect 4: format slot %app slot% to %app-icon%
effect 5: format slot %app slot% to %app icon% to run %created app%
effect 6: open gui %app code%

event 1: when an app is opened, do this code
event 2: when an app is created, do this code
event 3: when an app is closed, do this code

condition 1: if a player is inside an app, do this code

expression 1: the player who opens the app
expression 2: the id chosen of the app they had made
expression 3: the code they did in effect 5
expression 4: the icon chosen for their app
expression 5: the name chosen for their app
expression 6: the lore chosen for their app
expression 7: the lowest number slot that isn't already formatted

If you understand this, can you make an addon for it? Please, i need a developer who can make this. The apps are guis with tuske.