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Addon skript-mirror 0.19.1

Natural reflection utilities for Skript

  1. skript-mirror 0.14.0

    • Fix issues with object wrappers
    • Remove the stack trace expression
    • Restrict import aliases to valid Java identifiers
    • Remove multiple as a synonym for plural/non-single
    • Fix try expressions not being converted correctly
    • Fix parse sections being parsed multiple times
    • Fix an NPE with nullable expressions in parse sections
    • Start localization
    • Allow the spread expression to spread streams
    • Register custom syntax earlier so that they can be used recursively
    • Wrap unknown Java objects (#50)
    • Fix how varargs methods are resolved (#51)
    • Prevent the usage of "on" in custom syntax sections (#52)
    • Fix the resolution of private methods and fields declared in superclasses (#56)
    • Unwrap nested arrays (#58)
    • Add matched pattern expression (#59)
    • Preserve local variables from parse events in other handlers (#60)
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