[SKRIPT] Armor Trim

Script [SKRIPT] Armor Trim 0.1

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20
Skript recommended version: 2.7.0-beta3
Requirements: Skript 2.6.4+, SkBee 2.9.0+ and Minecraft 1.20

Armor Trim 1.20

Do you still use the Smithing table to trim your items? Use skript + nbt instead, it's a lot faster and easier! It is also much more efficient than using the Smithing table, allowing you to trim your items faster. It is extremely easy for you to modify my code in order to make it work for you

- Commands :emoji_flushed:

 - Main Command:
/at [Slot number || Tool] [Material] [Pattern]
/at [Trim info about Player's tool]
 - To change the material only:
/at [Slot number || Tool] [Material] STOP
 - To change the pattern only:
/at [Slot number || Tool] STOP [Pattern]

Use the STOP if you don't want to change a argument (can not be the first argument)
if Armor is not Trimmed you can not use the stop option

if you experience any problems, let me know on discord eult#0001
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