[SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners

Script [SKRIPT BMS] Better Mob Spawners 2.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.17
  2. 1.18
  3. 1.19
  4. 1.20
Requirements: Skript 2.7+, SkBee 2.9.0+ and Skript-reflect 2.3.1-for-Skript-2.7

Better Mob Spawners [SKRIPT]

Are you tired of the hassle of manually upgrading, looting, and interacting with spawners in Minecraft? Look no further. Our script simplifies the process, making spawner management a breeze. With Better Mob Spawners, you can effortlessly upgrade your spawners, collect loot, and handle experience points without the need for complex commands or extensive setup. It streamlines the entire process, saving you time and effort, so you can focus on what truly matters.

  • Easily upgrade your spawners without manual adjustments or complex commands.
  • Easy and convenient loot collection from spawners. By automating loot collection, you never miss valuable items dropped by mobs. (Support for hoppers if you put hopper under it)
  • Efficient management of experience points.
  • And much more!

When you put the fuel aka "coal" in box 1 the spawner will use the fuel when it needs it, and it will distribute the items to the hopper under it in box 2, or it will keep them in the spawner's GUI (NOTE: if there is no hopper under it, the item will be saved in the spawner's GUI).

video of the skript

Options include:
        # whether or not the permission should be required to use
        permission-required: false
        # what permission is required to open any shulker box
        permission: BMS.use
        # message to send when a user doesn't have the required permission node to unlock shulker boxes
        permission-message: &cYou do not have permission to this. &7&o(Missing node 'BMS.use')
        # how the message should be displayed to the player
        permission-message-format: actionbar # accepted entries are 'actionbar', 'title', 'message' (using any other will effectively disable this)

        # how fast the spawner spawns drop
        # NOTE: every 20 ticks = 1 second
        # NOTE: every upgrade will take 30 ticks away from the spawn rate"
        # NOTE: do not go below 150 if your max-upgrade is 5+
        spawner-speed: 450
        # breaking the spawner without silk touch destroy the spawner
        break-with-silk-touch: false
        # maximum upgrade for the spawners
        max-upgrade: 5
        # items will go into the hopper if there is one under the spawner
        spawner-hoppers: true
        # this determines what size chest is appropriate for storing chest
        # keep in mind max is 6
        size-of-spawner-chest: 1
        # message to send when a user stack/upgrade the spawners
        # %{_upgrade}% is the amount of upgrade the spawners have
        upgrade-message: &aSpawner Level: &e%{_upgrade}%
        # how the message should be displayed to the player
        upgrade-message-format: actionbar # accepted entries are 'actionbar', 'title', 'message' (using any other will effectively disable this)
        # locked spawner can only be changed or destroyed by those who place it and have access to it (operators also have access to it).
        locked-spawners: false
        # locked spawner message if player is not the owner of the spawner
        locked-message: &4Access has been denied! This spawner is not owned by you.
        # how the message should be displayed to the player
        locked-message-format: actionbar # accepted entries are 'actionbar', 'title', 'message' (using any other will effectively disable this)

    # FUEL
        # changing this will disable the fuel from working and will remove it from the GUI
        # NOTE: if this is disabled, all the fuel options will be also disabled
        fuel-options: true
        # hoppersabove filled with coal will automatically fuel spawners
        fill-with-hoppers: true
        # fuel doubles the amount of items you get from the spawner
        # this is the maximum amount of fuel you can put in a spawner
        max-fuel: 512


You are free to share and modify this resource as long as you:
- Give credit to the original creator
- Do not use it for commercial purposes

if you experience any problems, let me know on discord eult,

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    Updated: Upgrade counter. Bug fixed: Fixed the silktouch bug. Fixed the xp dupe.
  3. Fuel Control & GUI Redesign

    Updated: Add an option to disable and enable fuel Redesigned the GUI The XP has been nerfed...

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