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  1. eult

    Script [SKRIPT] Armor Trim 0.1

    Skript recommended version: 2.7.0-beta3 Requirements: Skript 2.6.4+, SkBee 2.9.0+ and Minecraft 1.20 Armor Trim 1.20 Do you still use the Smithing table to trim your items? Use skript + nbt instead, it's a lot faster and easier! It is also much more efficient than using the Smithing table...
  2. saad3mad

    Solved how to link an armor stand to the player

    EDIT: i am trying to make an armor stand ride the player and be able to move with the player, so when the player move his body the armor stand above it move to and be connected to the body area the "chest" the skript i used make the armor stand teleport to the player so its a bit laggy and...
  3. V

    armor update

    Hey, I doing a rpg server so I did a stats for the armor that updates every tick but if I drop the armor from my armor slots it takes like 10 seconds to upadate... anything that I missing? every 1 tick: loop all players: #defence if loop-player's helmet is not air...
  4. V

    armor unequip bug

    Ok so when I dropping the item from my armor the armor unequip is not called so all the stats on the player are getting doubled here is the code of armor equip/unequip on armor equip: #set {_dl} to line 1 of lore of event-item set {lore::*} to event-item's lore split at "||" set...
  5. YourFavoritePerson

    Armor Piece Equips Full Set

    I need help getting a skript so that when you put on one piece of armor, it automatically puts on a full set of armor(all the armor pieces have curse of binding except for the piece you use to take on/off the armor set), then when you take that 1 armor piece off it removes all the armor pieces...
  6. K

    Armor with absorption effects

    Hello, let me get straight to the point. I'm trying to create armor which gives extra hearts on equipping, I then found out that there is a plugin called sharpsk but since I'm with Minehut they don't have this plugin. So I cant keep track of when the armor is equipped or not. The armor also...
  7. R

    Remove "Too Expensive" From combining with an anvil

    Hey I am just wondering if there is someway to code a custom anvil or change the original anvil to make it so that when combining items it shows up with a higher xp requirement rather than saying "too expensive" and allowing items to be combined. Thanks, any help is appreciated at this point.
  8. G

    Skript Speed Issue

    Hello! I'm currently working on a dungeon-crawler type server. One of the items that mages are going to be able to use is called the "Ghost Cloak". The skript for it isn't working so great. Here is what I have: command /ghostcloak: permission: op permission message: "&cYou do not have...
  9. M

    skript armor

    My friend and I are trying to make a Skript where if you are wearing a full armor set, it effects you with resistance. Here's the code we have: variables: {superior.%player%} = "False" {superior.count.%player%} = 0 on player armor change: if new chestplate is named "&6Superior...
  10. RedDiamond

    Armor that give potion effect

    So I want to make a skript that when player wear a player head/armor with a specific name it gives them haste effect to the player and when they do not wear the armor the effect remove, but I don't know how to make it work, can someone help me with it.
  11. T

    armor stand help

    Hi dear members, I am making a new mob with armor stands. but i have a problem, i am connecting armor stand's head to silverfish but i dont know how can i connect with other armor. so how can i move first and other armor stands how can i do that?
  12. kamilleon

    on armor equip/unequip bug

    I'm trying to make something similar to hypixel's armor system on skyblock, but in skript it's a little buggy. When I try to equip and unequip the armor too fast (I mean like 3-4 cps is enough) It starts to add the value to the player's hp and defense continuously. on armor equip: if...
  13. DellCraftHD

    Armor stand / Heeelpp :(

    Hi, how can I do that if I right-click on an armor stand and the armor stand has armor on, you can not take it off? Pls Help :( Solved, used the command: /entitydata @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5] {DisabledSlots:2039583}
  14. Mani

    Solved Why doesn't it working?

    I try to enchant the armor. on join: equip player with diamond helmet of durability 10 equip player with diamond chestplate of durability 10 equip player with diamond leggings of durability 10 equip player with diamond boots of durability 10
  15. uGim

    Solved Set variable to armor color

    Can armor color be saved to a variable? Like this: Set {color} to player's helmet's color I have also tried it with NBT but it says that NBT can only be saved temporarily and will be deleted when server stops/restarts. Like this: set {color} to player's helmet's nbt Maybe being able to save...
  16. L

    Disable custom amor protection.

    options: gorronox : iron helmet named "<yellow>Gorro anti nox" pecheranox : iron chestplate named "<yellow>Pechera anti nox" pantalonnox : iron leggings named "<yellow>Pantalones anti nox" botasnox : iron boots named "<yellow>Botas anti nox" on damage: victim is wearing...
  17. Selvati

    sharpsk armor event broken?

    So I was pondering through my old files, updated all sk addnos and sk to their latest versions, everything works perfectly except it seems sharpsk on armor equip: Stuff Heredoesn't work.. I have this and have tried testing in many ways and nothing makes it past the first line.. sharpsk on...
  18. SoMuchWessel

    Random colored armor

    Hey guys, Im trying to write a script that give you random dyed armor with RBG. This is the code i have now: command /random: trigger: equip the player with a leather leggings set {color} to random number between 0 and 255 set {color} to floor({color})...
  19. T

    Colored Leather Armor GUI

    Hello, I know I've asked it in the past, many times. but I just can't figure out how to do it, I've been making /wardrobe command, and I want to add Colored Leather armor. It just not working for me, Do I need any addon? If so which one. Can someone respond with how to do that? That would be...