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- Thanks to @ImNotStable, he helped me improved the entire codebase. The logged messages should look better and cleaner now.

- Please report any issues to the issue tracker

That is all, enjoy!
- Fixed a server crash with using disky. If the logged message was above 2000 characters, it would lead to an infinite loop and crash.

- Use this version IF you are using it with DiSky!

- Please report bugs to the issue tracker or by clicking here!
- I improved the checking for empty spaces. This also fixes an issue where disky throws errors.
- I improved the logged message dramastically. It now looks cleaner and way better than before.

- Made the logged message error more easier to understand if you're trying to use it outside of an on log event
- Fixed returning the incorrect version

- Adds an update checker (only 1.1.1 and higher will have this!)
# Added:
- Last Logged Message (Unreliable, read below)

# Changes
- Removed `@author` signing
- removed `logger name` as `logged message` now returns it

# Fixes
- Fixed a version typo for log level

# Information
`the last logged message` is unreliable and may not always return the latest logged message. There is nothing I can do about it unfortunately.
`logger name` was removed because it just returned `<none>` while `logged message` also returned the plugin prefix (this makes receiving logged messages easier.