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Skript Tools SkEditor+ 1.3.6

SkEditor+ is the editor for easy scripting in Skript.

  1. v1.3.6 - addon API update

  2. v1.3.5 - bug fixing update

    Bug fixes:
    - In the previous version (and probably earlier) there was a bug - at the first launch, an error related to syntax highlighting files appeared. How embarrassing! Someone downloads my program and gets an error in the face even before using it... Sorry! This has been fixed.
    - In some cases, using the "Replace spaces with tabs" quick edit crashed the program. This should be fixed now.
  3. v1.3.3 - bug fixing update

    - Added 1 option to Quick Edit menu - replace "else: if:" (in two lines) with "else if:"
    - All code changes made by the program (e.g. quick edits) should now be undoable (CTRL + Z)
    - A small bug fix, in quick edits the option to replace spaces with tabs displayed a message with the number of spaces the user is using (small debug thing)
  4. v1.3.3 hotfix

    I did a hotfix in v1.3.3, now "Replace spaces to tabs" also works with 2 spaces. The change was so small, that it didn't make sense to release a new official update, so I just replaced the files on GitHub.

    Also, sorry for the lack of updates in January, I'm busy with a pretty large Minecraft project. Maybe soon I will dedicate a few days to SkEditor+.
  5. Only the first update this year

    Happy new year!
    Only one fix in this build, I think.
    Quick edit "spaces to tabs" was replacing only the first 4 spaces to tab. Now, it replaces every space.
  6. v1.3.2 - very small bug fixing update

    - Fixed crash when using AutoSave option
    - Added AutoSave option to Options window (it should be there before)
  7. v1.3.1 - bug fixing build