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Bug fixes
- Fixed problem when bundle packet isn't splitted on versions greater than or equal to 1.19.4.
- Fixed error when trying set event-packet to another packet.
- Fixed error when trying to set/get skin signature or value of player's gameprofile.

- added pattern to clear player's skin properties
- added way to send packet without trigger on packet event
- added serialization for packet and buffer objects, now it can be saved after server stop

- added expressions to get file attributes, like file size, last modified date, create date, last access date
- added serialization for files objects, now files can be saved after server stop
While working with NBT fields, I needed functions for writing raw utf-8 strings to the buffer.
I solve this problem and provide an expression for writing and reading strings.
write utf[-| ]8 %string% to %bytebuf%
read utf[(-| )]8 [with [len[gth]]] %number% from %bytebuf%
To read a string, you must also specify the length of the string in bytes.

Typically, in fields where you need to write exactly a string, you must also indicate its length before writing.
To do this, use the expression:
bytes of %string% [with charset %string%]
%string%'s bytes [with charset %string%]
It returns a list of bytes in a string with a specific encoding. UTF-8 is the default encoding.

Fixed some wrongs patterns, but these are minor things)

Also, a bug was fixed that caused some packets to be built incorrectly on versions below 1.17 and with Java version greater than 11.

Special thanks for @loyslow, he helped discover and correct a lot.
Now addon allow you to handle, create and edit packets.
Read the docs to learn new syntax and get some examples.
Module based on Sample-packets API

- Fixed a lot of critical bugs.
- Added some extra syntax.
- Improve some old syntax from 1.0
- Finally completed addon documentation.

and some small old changes in web-server api
- now addon supports minecraft versions from 1.8 to 1.20.2
- Skript 2.7+, Skript for 1.8 support
- cumulus 2.0 and some bugs/mistakes fixes
- improve sockets module, now addon can be installed both on velocity/bungeecord/spigot.
- added drawing on maps functionality and auto-saving edited maps
- added bitwise operations (some part from bitshift addon)
- sql prepared statements
- removed a lot of unneeded stuff from gui and floodgate module
- fixed cpu load expression, because it works wrong in some cases
- new documentation
and something , I don't remember
  • Added socket connection support
  • Updated web requests
  • Some code improvements
Now Skcrew allow you to communicate servers with each other if you are using Velocity proxy server
Web requests now allow you using any request methods with sync and async effects

Read the documentation for more information
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Continue war with cumulus api update and related with this bugs
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- Temporarily fix problem with new Floodgate versions
- Removed spectator events because it implemented in next version of Skript
- Provided upstream of Skript-GUI
- Removed environment expression and its types because it implemented in next version of Skript
- Changed syntax of `name of %path%` to %(file|dir[ectory])name of %path%` due to conflicts with Skript
- Fix some other bugs (I dont remember)
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