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Addon Skcrew 1.6

Bedrock edition forms and something more

  1. Sockets update

    • Added socket connection support
    • Updated web requests
    • Some code improvements
    Now Skcrew allow you to communicate servers with each other if you are using Velocity proxy server
    Web requests now allow you using any request methods with sync and async effects

    Read the documentation for more information
  2. Another sh1t update

    Continue war with cumulus api update and related with this bugs
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  3. Sh1t update

    - Temporarily fix problem with new Floodgate versions
    - Removed spectator events because it implemented in next version of Skript
    - Provided upstream of Skript-GUI
    - Removed environment expression and its types because it implemented in next version of Skript
    - Changed syntax of `name of %path%` to %(file|dir[ectory])name of %path%` due to conflicts with Skript
    - Fix some other bugs (I dont remember)
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  4. ?

    Some bug fixes from github issue.
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  5. Continue development

    Added ViaVersion support, such as get protocol and string version of player
    Some changed syntax of checking floodgate player
    Added soft depends and depend to plugin.yml for correct load
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  6. Docs??

    Added docs for SkUnity and fix some mistakes
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