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  1. lotzy

    Addon Skcrew 3.6

    Source code: Supported Skript versions: 2.6.4+ and 2.6.4+ for 1.8 Addon includes third-party code: part of skript-db fork by Govindas part of skent code some modificated skript-gui part of bitshift addon (First of all, I developed this for personal use, but...
  2. M

    Tuske 1.8 GUI's

    on right click: if id of held item is 397: if name of held item is "&5Profile &7(Right Click)": cancel event open chest with 3 rows named "&5Profile" to player wait 1 tick set slot 4 of current inventory of player to skull of "%player%"...
  3. W

    Progession GUIs

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a turn-based battle skript and have run into a dilemma. In my skript you fight NPCs by being presented a GUI with different items representing each attack, however, as you progress through the game you continue to unlock new attacks. My question is how to...
  4. J

    Multiple GUIs with same action

    USING VANILLA GUIS Current Addons: Skellet, SkRayFall, TuSke I'm setting up a pickaxe upgrade system. They right click their current pick so it opens the gui and they can purchase the following tier. However, my script is stuck and only works with the first tier. When I open up the second pick...