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Script Realcore ⌇ Core for your server. 3.0 RELEASED

An advanced core for your amazing server!

  1. the "NO ERRORS" update.

    This time, this update won't ever show a single error, Please if you got an error, understand that its your fault, you might have something wrong.
    All requirements:
    - Skellet
    - skRayfall
    - skUtilties
    - SkQuery
    - TuSKe
  2. Conditions got fixed

    All conditions and effects errors have been fixed, Please if you got any simple error like (Excepted 8 spaces, bla) Everyone can fix it. If you got any other error for conditions, effects or these things, consider adding me on discord: Toreo#1450

    And please, Make sure you have all requirements.
  3. 2.3

  4. Decreased File size + deleted unreponsable config.

    WARNING: This script will rarely get updates, If you got errors, it's because of spaces and tabs. i already fixed it but its not working.
  5. All the bugs removed, not a joke

    - Report has been updated when doing /report, it shows hack and other list.
    - /pl /plugins and all bugs has been fixed
    - Added new Multi-world support scoreboards (World, end, nether)
    - Added AntiSwear
    - Added AntiSpam 3 seconds delay
    - NEW CONFIG WILL BE DISPLAYED IN plugins FOLDER, it will be Realcore\config.yml For prefix and messages
    - Mixed IPBan with /ban, and removed /ipban
    - NEW mention system
    - NEW Reload Command, /rcreload
    - Removed /clearmychat and /clearpublicchat, and set to...
  6. Tell us the news?

    | Added reload command. /rcreload
    | Added the biggest thing ever, NEW SCOREBOARD! Multi worlds support, Prefix can be changed in the .sk file in options (p, p1, p2) Just change prefix and your done :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. RealCore ⌇ Join Message & Leave Message ⌇ Ban Manager ⌇ Bug reporter ⌇ /plugins Customizer ⌇

    Just added Ban Manager, Which will help you with banning players, /ban <player> <reason>, This is v2.0 BETA, so if there's any bugs, please report it in my discord.
    /ban <player> <reason>
    /kick <player> <reason>
    /ipban <player> <reason>
    /unban <player>
    /baninfo <player> (Only if banned)
    /warn <player> <reason>
    Also updated the report system!
    Added a pretty cool broadcast message, when a player is warned or banned or kicked.