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  1. Islam1705

    Script ankaEssentials REL4.8

    > about < ⇒ Skript available on 1.15+ (There may be minor bugs on versions 1.13-1.14) ⇒ This is a big remade of essentials in skript. ⇒ Skript requires a few addons. Required addons: (Clickable) (Important!) ⇪ Skript 2.6+ ⇪ sk-reflect ⇪ skQuery ⇪...
  2. TheDarkBatman

    Script Mine System 1.1

    Hi. Add / Remove Mines with custom blocks and custom reset time. Setup: Download Script Put that in Plugins\Skript\Scripts Go in your server and execute command "/sk reload <Name of script> Follow these steps to create mine: /mine:set ( You will get tools , set locations ) /mine:name <Text>...
  3. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. 0

    this will be reworked one day. What is Delza? Delza is your Minecraft core that can replace almost everything in your server! FEATURES: - Very unique first join and rejoins greetings from delza! - AutoBroadcaster - Hub Manager - Options GUI - New Settings! (BETA) (NEW) - Anti Swear...
  4. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. 2022-12-28

    I RECOMMEND READING EVERYTHING TO UNDERSTAND! - MENTION SYSTEM | When someone mentions other player's name in the chat, It will play a sound and send a message to the other player (Who got mentioned - BROADCAST SYSTEM | Autobroadcasts a specific message of your choice, That can be set...
  5. C

    Script Server Core (Edit messages in the source) 1.4

    Hello! I was really bored, so I coded this in Skript. You can edit any of the messages in the source code. ---------------------- Features: /nick /gamemode (/gmc, /gms, /gamemode c, /gamemode s) /silence (enable/disable) /mute /ban /unban /tp /msg (/m, /w, /message) /r /broadcast /stop...
  6. WheezyGold7931

    Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

    MP Core Remake by WheezyGold7931 Dependences! Umbaska (Here) skUtilities (Here) skRayFall (Here) SkQuery 3 and 3 ONLY! (Here) Skript 2.2 (Here) Skellett (Here) WildSkript (Here) [Needed if you want skins] iDisguise (Here) SkStuff (Here) RandomSK (Here) skLib (Here) Download...
  7. BaeFell

    Umbaska Module Core BETA 1.0

    Core - a Module for Umbaska 3 Core is a Module that features anything which doesn't have a specific Module to call home. Features here may exist temporarily while others may live here forever. The meaning behind this is that some features are created as a request. Eventually we may pursue a...