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Umbaska Module Core BETA 1.0

Umbaska 3 Core Module

  1. BaeFell


    Core - a Module for Umbaska 3
    Core is a Module that features anything which doesn't have a specific Module to call home. Features here may exist temporarily while others may live here forever. The meaning behind this is that some features are created as a request. Eventually we may pursue a full Module dedicated to the same sort of features, it then makes sense to move that originally requested feature into the new Module. We won't just remove features, instead, we'll create a deprecation warning when the old syntax is used and advise a change. Only after a specific period of time will a feature be removed.

    The Core Module is intended as a start for other Modules and will likely change what it contains a lot. Old features from Umbaska 2.0 will exist in Retro. New features that are exclusive to Umbaska 3 (aka, not in Umbaska 2.0), will be located in the Core Module.

    For more information, including syntax and a download please visit http://umbaska.co.uk/modules/core
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