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  1. A

    Solved Auto-Clear-Chat

    Hello, i resolved a lot from my skript, but I don't know this error: can't understand this event: 'loop all players' This is the skript: every 30 minutes: loop all players: send "&c&lCHAT &8&l» &fChat-ul tau va fi sters automat in &c5 minute&f!" to loop-player wait 4...
  2. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. 2022-12-28

    I RECOMMEND READING EVERYTHING TO UNDERSTAND! - MENTION SYSTEM | When someone mentions other player's name in the chat, It will play a sound and send a message to the other player (Who got mentioned - BROADCAST SYSTEM | Autobroadcasts a specific message of your choice, That can be set...