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Script Razor Anti Cheat | Beta 2.0-FAILED

Provide protection to your skript-based server!

  1. Kill Aura is something....... hard to detect.

    I updated my AC... However i did not test everything. So i am removing KA detection and i think it will be removed for a long time. Sorry.
    Now... I will work on updating other parts of RAC.
  2. KillAura detection! The best one ever created!

    Finally it's here! Kill Aura will no longer be your foe! Now, with this skript, you can protect yourself against it!
    It may be a little anyoing to players, but cool at the same time. Until i find out how to hide projectile (snowball) to shooter, you will be able to see it.

    YEESS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your support!