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Script Razor Anti Cheat | Beta 2.0-FAILED

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Feb 21, 2017
Rettox submitted a new resource:

Razor Anti Cheat | Beta - Provide protection to your skript-based server!

Razor Anticheat is newly created project. Main goal is to protect your server against hackers. Code is not clean at the moment. After first release, i will work around cleaning the code.

Successful Detections:
  • Reach
  • Fly
  • Fast Break (Nuker)
  • Jesus
  • Vulgar
  • No Slowdown
  • Auto Loot
  • Auto Tool
Being worked on:
  • Proper Fast Break functionality

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Nice Script. In the next update you should change "kick" to "make console execute command "kick %player% Kill Aura"

Also, you should add a feature where if the player hacks they get kicked but if they do it 3 times in a row, they will get banned instead of kicked.
Hey-- You have a nice script, will you keep updating it? I'm sure a lot of people will try it out and download it if you update it :emoji_grinning: