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Script Razor Anti Cheat | Beta 2.0-FAILED

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I really LOVE how you did the Jesus check.
The other checks are... let's just say... not good.
If you want more effective Skript Anticheat, check The Banner Eye AC
pretty decent anticheat but theres alot of false flags at the same time so i will give it a 2
Oh boyy.

Another Skript anti cheat. There are a few problems with this I could tell right of the bat:
1. Reach - You don't have a ping influenced system. So if a person is laggy, it could be easily detected as reach.
2. The messages - They are nice, but they aren't funny. You should make them customizable.

also there's no staff notification wtf
Excellent Skript. Works good, only thing that needs to be added is Kill Aura. Also a question: Does this lag the server? :)
Please respond asap. Nice script!
Thanks for your review. Well, it does not lagg server much, because there are not so many checks in comparsion to other anti cheats.