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Addon MundoSK 1.8.5

1.8.8 - 1.12 | Packets, WebSockets, World Border/Management/Custom Generation, and more!

  1. MundoSK 1.8.2 - Packet Info Aliases

    Another update, this time with a couple of fixes and a couple of features.


    Create Simple Tab
    Latency of Array Tab
    Latency of Simple Tab
    Setting the latency of a tab using MundoSK's custom tablist features now works! Remember that this should be a value between 0 and 5.

    JSON Field of Packet
    You can now set this to a list of jsonobjects when using array pjson, as intended.


    Array Tablist is Enabled
    Code (Skript):
    1. [the] array tablist is (enabled|disabled) for %players%
    A simple condition to check whether the specified player(s) have the array tablist enabled. This can't be set - you have to use the Enable of Disable Array Tablist effect for that.

    Packet Info Alias
    Code (Skript):
    1. packet info aliases for %packettype%:
    2.   <new syntax> = <old syntax>
    3.   <new syntax> = <old syntax>
    4.   etc.
    The main new feature of this update, packet info aliases, is a way to make your packet code nicer and more understandable. Using packet info aliases, you can write aliases that allow you to express the fields of certain packets in syntax specific to the meaning of those fields. An example is below, and is also contained in the documentation for packet info aliases.

    Code (Skript):
    1. packet info aliases for play_server_world_border:
    2.   border action of %packet% = "WorldBorderAction" penum 0 of %packet%
    3.   border portal teleport boundary of %packet% = int pnum 0 of %packet%
    4.   border center x[-coord] of %packet% = double pnum 0 of %packet%
    5.   border center z[-coord] of %packet% = double pnum 1 of %packet%
    6.   border old radius of %packet% = double pnum 2 of %packet%
    7.   border radius of %packet% = double pnum 3 of %packet%
    8.   border speed of %packet% = long pnum 0 of %packet%
    9.   border warning time [span|length] of %packet% = int pnum 1 of %packet%
    10.   border warning (distance|blocks) of %packet% = int pnum 2 of %packet%
    12. on packet event play_server_world_border:
    13.   broadcast "Border Action: %border action of event-packet%"
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