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DeluxeNPCs | Create Mob NPCs | Edit Regular NPCs/Mobs | & MUCH MORE! 1.0.1

A very light weight cool NPC plugin!

  1. DerpyTurtlez
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18
    NOTICE! DeluxeNPCs is meant for hub servers and hub servers only, This plugin disables damaging entities & interaction with armor stands only use this for your hub server!

    Information About DeluxeNPCs:

    DeluxeNPCs is an NPC plugin that is open beta for people who wanna purchase the plugin and mess around with NPCs. This plugin is very light weight on the server and has no heavy load or impact on it. data loads very quickly and all npcs are there if you were to do /reload confirm (Not recommend due to other plugins might break on your server).


    - None just put this in your plugins folder

    Supported Mob Types:

    - Zombie
    - Skeleton
    - Slime
    - Wither
    - Creeper
    - CaveSpider
    - Spider
    - Bee
    - Enderman

    Supported Block Types:

    - Grass Block
    - Stone
    - Diamond Block
    - Emerald Block
    - Iron Block
    - Gold Block
    - Coal Block

    Servers Using DeluxeNPCs:

    - N/A


    - Create NPCs
    - Rename Mobs/NPCs
    - Make Mobs/NPCs glow
    - Remove Mobs/NPCs
    - NPC Types

    - Super simple to use!


    - deluxenpc.use

    Planned Features:

    Dark Red = Working on through out updates
    Orange = Worked on but adding in more in the future

    - NPC/Mob Commands (Just to bind them to it)
    - GUI Setup Menu ( Just as an alternative to the commands )
    - NPC/Mob messages
    - NPC/Mob Console commands
    - NPC/Mob particles
    - NPC/Mob custom glow colors
    - More NPC types
    - Block NPCs
    - Holograms (Considering it, and it most likely will be a thing)
    - Slime Size editor
    - NPC/Mob editor (To edit certain things)
    - Name Spacing support (So you can have longer names)
    - PlaceholderAPI Support

    Support Discord Server:

    - https://discord.gg/s4nhUBX7dV

    Setup Videos:

    - N/A Post your videos about the plugin in the discord via a ticket!

    In-Game Images:

    upload_2022-4-19_14-35-22.png upload_2022-4-19_14-35-31.png upload_2022-4-19_14-35-59.png upload_2022-4-19_14-36-52.png

Recent Updates

  1. New NPCS! & New NPC Type!