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Script RPGAddons | Bank | Collections | Wardrobe | MORE TO COME! 1.0.0

The all in one solution for your RPG server! ( Inspired by a popular server! )

  1. DerpyTurtlez
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16, 1.17, 1.18
    What is RPGAddons and why should i buy it?

    RPGAddons is a all in one server side solution for making your RPG based server a better experience for all! This means you can swap through armor sets. browse collections ( Coming very soon! ), And even use the custom banking system!

    NOTE! The price at any time could go up depending on how much features there are. As of now i am leaving it at its current price until i feel it should be raised up a bit due to its features. ( Probably wont raise it until like 15 total features )


    - Vault & Essentials


    - /bank
    - /collections ( Coming very soon! )
    - /wardrobe



    Support Discord Server:

    - https://discord.gg/s4nhUBX7dV

    Servers using this script:

    N/A But you could be the first! If you're using this script then leave a comment below with the IP!


    upload_2022-1-21_13-34-43.png upload_2022-1-21_13-34-56.png upload_2022-1-21_13-35-4.png upload_2022-1-21_13-35-15.png upload_2022-1-21_13-35-46.png

    upload_2022-1-21_13-35-54.png upload_2022-1-21_13-36-4.png


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