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Script BossesXS Open Beta v0.2

BossesXS Inspired by a popular server! :)

  1. DerpyTurtlez
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18
    What is BossesXS?

    BossesXS is inspired by a popular server to help your RPG like server have a fun aspect to it of getting to defeat challenging bosses to gain rewards and more!

    Why release it with so little features?

    I wanted to release this with so little features to get a point across that every project takes time, And with the time spent better it gets. + There is no skript like this really out there for downloading... Soo i wanted to be the first! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Addons Required:

    - None just skript in itself :emoji_slight_smile:


    - Bosses
    - Boss XP
    - Boss Drops
    - RNGesus Meter ( Coming Soon )
    - Crafting Recipes ( Coming Soon )
    - Viewable Boss Drops ( Coming Soon )
    - Boss Level Rewards ( Coming Soon )
    - 7 Total Bosses ( 6 Coming Soon! )
    - Leaderboards ( Coming Soon )
    - Auto Bosses ( Coming Soon )
    - Combat XP Buffs ( Coming Soon )
    - Boss Bonus Rewards ( Coming Soon )
    - Random Boss ( Coming Soon )






    upload_2022-1-19_22-52-29.png upload_2022-1-19_22-52-36.png upload_2022-1-19_22-52-42.png upload_2022-1-19_22-52-49.png upload_2022-1-19_22-52-55.png upload_2022-1-19_22-53-1.png upload_2022-1-19_22-53-7.png upload_2022-1-19_22-53-38.png upload_2022-1-19_22-53-48.png upload_2022-1-19_22-53-55.png

Recent Updates

  1. New Bosses + Updated GUI!