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Skript Tools SkCreator | GUIS | Events | Commands | Messages | Broadcasts | & MUCH MORE TO COME! Beta-v0.0.3

Create scripts in-game with only commands! No coding knowledge needed!

  1. DerpyTurtlez
    Goose, Font
    What Is SkCreator?

    SkCreator is a new project i have started to make skript even more simplified then what it currently is, You can create Scripts through in-game via guis read more down below on all the features we have as of this current version!!

    Why did i make SkCreator?

    I made SkCreator to make it for server owners who use skript and don't know how to use it to make it more simplified for them. Everything is automated via guis in-game and it adds it to the skript file in real time!

    Please do note though there is no auto reload feature at the moment, so we do advise for you to reload it manually!!

    Addons Needed:
    • Skent
    Current Features:
    • Commands
    • Guis (Temporarily removed, adding back in next update!)
    • Events
    • Permissions
    • Permission Messages
    • Give items / named items / named items with lore
    • Cancel Event statement
    • Broadcast messages
    • Send messages
    • Join messages
    • Leave messages
    • Death messages
    • First join messages
    • Reload scripts
    • Delete scripts
    • Create scripts
    • Install Skript Addons (Coming Very Soon)
    • Auto Reload scripts
    • Timers ( every x seconds )
    • Looping all players
    • Reset File (NOTICE!!!! This will wipe all data with in the script file! use at your own risk!)
    • /skcreator
    • skcreator.use ( Required to use /skcreator )
    Support Discord Server:

Recent Reviews

  1. AngerYT
    Version: Beta-v0.0.3
    Works awesome!

    The catch is its super usefull as i wanted to make an free op server where people can do things as creating skripts

    This is the awesome skript for minecraft!

    1. DerpyTurtlez
      Author's Response
      Thanks, i gotta work on updating this though.

      ( I don't know when. but im glad you're enjoying it! )
  2. kittkarrkitt
    Version: Beta-v0.0.1
    This particular first beta lays a nice foundation for what the creator is trying to go for. It's really Skript with in-game commands. There are some trouble points however:

    * With each command the setup of arguments (When to put the file name for example) can be in a completely different spot, which can be very confusing.
    * In my testing about 50% of the features worked correctly, I could easily set a personalized join and leave message for example. Other features had trouble being made and code didn't seem to recognize the recently created file while being existing and being spelled correctly. This might be my version however (1.11). For this reason I feel like 1.11 or any other version than 1.18 are not supported at the moment.

    To end with a positive, if this code gets developed further this can be a really good first step for people who dont know anything about coding yet and want to start with it and/or just simply experience making something.
    1. DerpyTurtlez
      Author's Response
      we talked about this, I told you its 1.18.1 - 1.18 supported only, I dont know why the versions wont show on here but it is what it is so i manually added it.

      First off you're running 1.11 which is outdated and gets 0 support with in Skript in general....

      I always recommend the latest version for scripts and plugins because it opens up compatibility with other new features.

      Please consider using 1.18.1 or 1.18!!!