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  1. Small Fix

    • Messages ending with a keyword followed by its type showing the item twice ([hand]hand[hand][hand]).
  2. Wait a Tick

    • Default chat format sometimes being used instead of the one set by another script. Fixed by waiting a tick (Skript currently doesn't support event priorities for the chat event).
  3. Rewrite

    The script has been rewritten, making the code more bearable. As a result the script now only works correctly with SkBee 1.16+.

    The source code is also now stored on GitHub Gist instead of Pastebin.

    The changelog below may have some things missing, since I'm not entirely sure that I checked all of the changes that occurred due to the rewrite....
  4. One Word Update

    SkBee had its syntax changed a bit so I had to add just 1 word in order for the script to work again.
    The script now requires SkBee 1.15+
  5. More Keywords

    Added more keywords.
    The config now uses {name} for the item name instead of {item}.
  6. Another Code Update

    Updated the code so it is now even shorter and makes more use of the SkBee addon.
    Fixed an error regarding armor slots being empty.
    Now also works with Skript message formats that use %player% and %message%.
  7. Code Update

    Updated the code, it is now shorter.
    The script no longer requires SkQuery.
    Items that previously did not display an amount now display one.
    Removed the update checker.
    Removed the built-in chat format.
  8. Bug Fix

    Made the item count correctly count items. Some items (like Written Books and Shulker Box with items), will not display a count, because of NBT issues.
  9. Colors & Update checker

    Fixed built-in chat format not working correctly when [message] is not at the end of the format.
    The built-in chat format now also supports colors. Check the config for more info.
    The item is now displayed with the amount of the item in your inventory.
    Added update checker.
  10. More options & changes

    Added the ability to customize how the item name will look in chat.
    The message format in the config will now work with all messages.
    The server console can now see messages with keywords.