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  • Command to disable all plugins
/disable all will disable all plugins EXCEPT Skript, Skript-Mirror and ProtocolSupport.
For the obvious reasons Skript and Skript-Mirror can NOT be disabled or it renders this skript useless.
During testing when I disabled ProtocolSupport the server shut down, therefor I added it to the list of plugins to NOT disable.
You may find other plugins on your server that do the same. If you find some plugins that crash your server please let me know and I can add it to the list of blacklisted plugins.

Using this command is NOT recommended. It can cause serious issues. I would suggest disabling plugins 1 by 1.

Another note... certain plugins when disabled may be unable to be enabled using this skript, and you will then need to restart your server to get the plugin going again. (Ex: Tuske)