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  1. imStelios

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    Hello. I need help with mmoitems. I want to make mmoitems work with Mysteryboxes. It's all easy but I can't find anywhere the PLACEHOLDER for (player). What I want is to give mmoitems through Mysteryboxes. Mysteryboxes work with commands executes. So I need to config in Mystery box this...
  2. K

    How can i use Skript variables in another plugin config?

    Basically, i want to use one of my Skript variables in the config of a plugin of Scoreboard. And i'd like learn to use a plugin variable into a Skript also. Is there a way to use a variable Skript in another plugin?
  3. B

    Offering [OPEN] Skript and Plugin development

    Who are we? We are a Development Team with Java developers and Javaskript Developers, so we can make both Skripts, and Plugins for you and your Minecraft Server. 4 professional developers who are going to do what you ask for the most accurately, and the most perfectly. Why us? > Everyone has...
  4. Z

    Solved /get command for a plugin

    ok, so basically what i need help with is: When a player sends /get ak this command runs: /QA give AK47 and then this also gets executed: /QA give akammo That is all i need help with, as soon as i know how to do this, i can easily create the other guns. :) Thank you. :)
  5. L

    Solved General Problem

    I really need help, I dont know if this is the good section. I want to get the prefix (like LuckPerms) but with this type of color, so like with different colors on the text. Thank you
  6. D

    skdragon is just so bad

    Ok so I'm trying to make a ray gun with skdragon so it shoots RAINBOW let me repeat that again RAINBOW particles but it just is such a bad plugin because rainbowMode does not work and its actually pissing me off so much. drawLine particle redstone, center player, target location of target...
  7. I

    Skript on spigot or Bukkit

    Hello, Please could you please add skript to spigot or Bukkit because I run a spigot and bukkit server and I want to use Skript as I had used it alot on another server hoster and what add it to this new one but it doesn't work as it moved to GitHub. Please can you add it to one of them. ,Thanks...
  8. I

    problem with skript plugin

    When i type /skript it keeps responsding /skript help the same thing with /sk can somebody help me out Server log: C:\Users\TheWi\Desktop\Minecraft server>java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true *** Error, this build is outdated *** *** Please download a new build as per instructions...
  9. Moderocky

    API Mask 2.1.2

    This API is aimed primarily at plugin-makers or beginner addon developers. The primary goal is to try and simplify most of the dull or complex tasks that are required in addon/plugin creation. I use it in production, which is pretty much a guarantee that I will keep it updated. Almost no...
  10. Jooby

    Solved GUI (Player Heads)

    I have a working GUI after using /staff or /sg - I have the player head slot set up to bring up the /staffmembers gui, which will then have the heads of my staff members. This works fine. However, when I reload the skript after running the code, these errors are present; "Can't understand...
  11. X

    I need help with my rankup skript

    I will add the error screenshot here is the code: Skript version 2.2 Snapshot I have vault and SkQuery command rankup: trigger: if player's group is "Farmer": if %vault_eco_balance% is more than or equal to 50000: execute console command "/manuadd...
  12. A

    Need help with Plugin Addon

    Ok so sorry if anything is spelled wrong I am typing this on my phone. So basically I am going to be using a plugin for my server called Lands. Now lands is a great plugin, but it is missing a key feature that I need for my server. Land Upgrades. So as an example you could upgrade a land chest...
  13. Z

    Plugin Hider skript to allow opped players see the plugins.

    Hey. I have a skript made to block players from viewing my plugins. The only problem is that ops cannot see the plugins either. Is there a way i can fix this. This is my script below.
  14. Tailzinator

    Help Please! :/ - Download Link SkqMaths??

    I really need the skqmaths Plugin i wanna release my server in a few days and i wanna be able to start working on Player Stats. Skqmaths is the perfect addon for me to use for my Player Stats Plugin... But i can not seem to find it anywhere! Is it renamed? Was the file location moved? Can i get...
  15. E

    Help pls with Armour and lore

    so i was try to to use lore and put a lore called like flash for example right but i i want it so when the player wears the any boots with &6Flash I to have speed 1 but when they take off the boots with &6Flash I they wont get speed how do i do that cause i tried and i keep getting errors so...