Skript on spigot or Bukkit

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Dec 19, 2020
Please could you please add skript to spigot or Bukkit because I run a spigot and bukkit server and I want to use Skript as I had used it alot on another server hoster and what add it to this new one but it doesn't work as it moved to GitHub. Please can you add it to one of them.
Just download it from GitHub?
Im using a free server hoster which doesn't let me add stuff the only plugins they allow is from Spigot and bukkit because "github doesn't have an API for mods and plugins Aternos can use". Thats what they told me.
ShaneBee was already in contact regarding this with Aternos. In a nutshell, Aternos is just lazy and doesn't want to update their API or whatever they use to support GitHub.

Skript is not and should not be responsible for supporting platforms like Aternos, if Aternos want to use Skript, then they need to adjust their systems to support GitHub instead of forcing people to use Spigot or Bukkit. For you, I would recommend getting a 2GB host for $3/month and you will not have an issue like this. The conversation between Shane and some Aternos mod can be found here:
Not open for further replies.