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  1. Pingusate

    Script angel | revamp soon. 0.99

    screenshots (imgur) commands: /ban <user> [reason] /kick <user> [reason] /warn <user> [reason] /unban <user> /ipban <user> [reason] /baninfo <user>
  2. WatchBOT

    Script [Skript] Server Manager [FAST] [GUI] [FILE-MANAGER] 0.2.1

    A quick and easy to use server manager with tons of features and even more features planned for the future! Be sure to read the features! You need SkUtilities, SkQuery and Skellet for this skript to work! - Fast responsive GUI - Time Stamp - Server Region - Responsive Reload Button -...
  3. A

    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager 1.2

    SKRegions is a simple region-data manager that allows multiple YML files for more clarity and optimization. Required addons: SKUtilities, SKQuery, SKStuff Getting started First, you'll have to set the path of the folder where files are supported. Open the script with your favorite text editor...
  4. Kamino_Ramos

    Chat placeholders, possible?

    I want to create my own clan system, and everything seems pretty clear but one thing, clan tags in chat. Idea is, similar to SimpleClans, leader of clan can choose clan tag, maximum of 3 symbols (color codes not in count), and this tag will be displayed near nickname of clam members, and if...