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  1. PotteryTNT

    Disable Brewing Potions

    Category: UHC Suggested name: NoBrew (you can change if you want) What I want: I would like to make it so that when I do a command, it will stop everyone from being able to brew potions. I've searched around and I actually couldn't find one that worked. Ideas for commands: /brewing on/off...
  2. L

    Disable custom amor protection.

    options: gorronox : iron helmet named "<yellow>Gorro anti nox" pecheranox : iron chestplate named "<yellow>Pechera anti nox" pantalonnox : iron leggings named "<yellow>Pantalones anti nox" botasnox : iron boots named "<yellow>Botas anti nox" on damage: victim is wearing...
  3. revkilleri

    Solved Disable shield slot completely

    Hi, i really need help. I want to disable put shield item to offhand slot, but i dont have an idea how to solve it. This prevent only change item by press "F", but nothink more. I tried too "on inventory click:", but i need prevent put Shield item to slot 40 (offhand) in inventory. Any...