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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.12
Someone recently asked me if there was a way to disable plugins individually in Skript. I didn't know of one, so I decided to create one.

A Simple Plugin Manager allows you to disable and enable plugins individually. I do not recommend this as a safe alternative to stopping your server, doing stuff with your plugins, and starting it up. But for those of you who may need to disable a plugin for whatever reason, this is a good alternative.
I do want to caution you, I have only tested this with a handful of small plugins on my test server including (Essentials, Skript, Vault, WorldEdit, Plan) Thru this testing I did not have any issues, or see anything in the console that seemed detrimental to the server, but that does not go to say that this will effectively work with every plugin out there. You have been warned.

I have also included a small API with a few effects and conditions you can use in your own Skript's as you see fit.

- Skript [Tested on Bensku 2.2 Dev 37c]
- Skript-Mirror

# Special note: Plugin names are case sensitive
- /disable <plugin/all> - Disables a plugin or all plugins (ALL is NOT recommended - can cause crashes)
- /enable <plugin> - Enables a plugin

- pluginmanager.admin - Gives permission to the 2 commands

    Disable plugin:
        Description: Allows you to disable any plugin
            disable plugin %string%
            disable plugin "Essentials"
            disable plugin arg-1
            disable plugin {_plugin}

    Enable plugin:
        Description: Allows you to enable a plugin
            enable plugin %string%
            enable plugin "Essentials"
            enable plugin arg-1
            enable plugin {_plugin}

    Plugin exists:
        Description: Checks to see if a plugin exists on your server (enabled or disabled)
            plugin %string% exists
            if plugin "Essentials" exists:
                Broadcast "Essentials DOES exists on this server"

    Plugin enabled/disabled:
        Description: Checks if a plugin is enabled or disabled
            plugin %string% is (enabled|disabled)
            if plugin "Essentials" is enabled:
                Broadcast "ENABLED"
            if plugin "Essentials" is disabled:
                Broadcast "DISABLED"

Please do not use reviews for help. If you post in reviews for support you will not receive support, as I can only reply to your review, and not have a conversation back and forth.

Terms of Service:
You may not edit the code in this Skript. If you edit anything past the options, you will lose all support.
You may use the API freely to your liking.
Copying and reposting this resource on any other medium is NOT allowed. Doing so will get you reported on said website, and you risk being punished by said website.

Please use the discussion area for support, I will do my best to help.

Feel free to donate if you would like :emoji_slight_smile: Any support helps out
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1 [Disable All Plugins]

    Added: Command to disable all plugins IMPORTANT NOTES: /disable all will disable all plugins...

Latest reviews

Make Disable all plugins /disable all .
Hey. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried doing that and it wasn't working the way I had hoped. I can RETRY.... I would have to be careful to not disable Skript or Skript-Mirror or that would basically screw up this skript ;) HAHA... but I will see what I can figure out!