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Script ♛ SuperBans ♛ [Ban, Mute, Kick, Warn, Freeze, Antiswear, History, Guis, More+] [SK] 3.5

A super punishing skript in which you will be able to do all the ever wanted punishment types.

  1. ♛ SuperBans ♛ "Thanks" and useful Suggestions information ➪ 3.5

    • I want you to know that the antiswear can also be used as an anti-advertsite system.
    • You can also add phrases to it, but it will only block message that contains the same phrase.

    I also want to let you know I'm here, and I want to update this as much as possible. I don't have more ideas for future updates. Suggest your featured ideas, and I will look into them!

    Also, I wanna than you, we reached 1.000 downloads!

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