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Optimizing Arena Save/Load

Discussion in 'Skript' started by JustAnDev100, May 4, 2020.

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  1. JustAnDev100

    JustAnDev100 Member

    Apr 4, 2020
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    Hello, So I'm trying to make a skript that will save an arena and load it. I need some help though. The first like a minute or two it works fine with 19.98 - 20 tps which is average for my server after a certain amount of time the TPS goes down a lot I mean like to 10TPS I don't want to use addons (At least try to don't use them) And I want it to load (Relatively) Big arena's

    Code (Text):
    1. function saveArena(arena: text):
    2.     set {_speed} to 0
    3.     delete {revertlist.%{_arena}%::*}
    4.     set {_height} to {minh.ww.%{_arena}%}
    5.     loop ({maxh.ww.%{_arena}%} - {minh.ww.%{_arena}%}) times:
    6.         loop all blocks within block at {ww.pos1.%{_arena}%} and block at {ww.pos2.%{_arena}%}:
    7.             y-coord of loop-block is {_height}:
    8.                 add type of loop-block to {revertlist.%{_arena}%::*}
    9.                 add 1 to {_speed}
    10.                 set loop-block to red stained glass
    11.                 if {_speed} is higher than 75:
    12.                     set {_speed} to 0
    13.                     wait 5 tick          
    14.         add 1 to {_height}
    15.         wait 5 seconds
    16.     revertArena("%{_arena}%")
    17. function revertArena(arena: text):
    18.     set {_bla} to 0
    19.     set {_height} to {minh.ww.%{_arena}%}
    20.     loop ({maxh.ww.%{_arena}%} - {minh.ww.%{_arena}%}) times:
    21.         loop all blocks within block at {ww.pos1.%{_arena}%} and block at {ww.pos2.%{_arena}%}:
    22.             y-coord of loop-block is {_height}:
    23.                 add 1 to {_bla}
    24.                 set loop-block to {revertlist.%{_arena}%::%{_bla}%}
    25.                 if {revertlist.%{_arena}%::%{_bla}%} is chest:
    26.                     set slot 0 of loop-block to wooden sword
    27.         add 1 to {_height}
    If i remove the delay's the server would just crash. I already thought about the placements of block im doing in the saveArena part but i dont know how to show the progress in a different way if the block placement is causing the issuse can someone tell me how to display the progress?

    Thanks alot!
    If you can optimize the code / Make it less laggy (Prevent qrazy TPS drops) i will be very happy!

    EDIT: The {ww.pos1.%{_arena}%} are locations also there is a little thingy build in that will fill chest with items when loading arena again
    I want to use this script for Resetting a map.
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