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  1. dmc

    Solved logs of chat saving to yaml file

    Hello, I need to write messages with sender to yaml file. That's what I have right now: on chat: load yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" as "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" wf "%now% < %player% > %message%" to "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" save yaml "plugins\.logs\chat.yml" (but it isnt working) bump...
  2. D

    How to save player's armor

    Hey, I'm trying to write an inventory save script for my citybuild script, everything works fine except the armor is not saved? Does anyone know maybe how to save the armor in a value and recall it? Thanks already!
  3. W

    Solved Saving to yaml file

    Hey everyone, just wondering the best, up to date, way of saving data/variables to a yaml file. I know you can do it using skUtilities however that addon seems to be abandoned. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. J

    Optimizing Arena Save/Load

    Hello, So I'm trying to make a skript that will save an arena and load it. I need some help though. The first like a minute or two it works fine with 19.98 - 20 tps which is average for my server after a certain amount of time the TPS goes down a lot I mean like to 10TPS I don't want to use...
  5. Duetro

    Skript "Variable save thread" error

    [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! Exception in thread Skript variable save thread [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [14:40:50]...
  6. P

    Save inventory and load

    How can I save and load the player's inventory and armour to/from a variable list?
  7. O

    Logging commands to a .txt file

    Hey, I'm getting no errors on reload, but when I do a command, I get this error in console: And when I join, I get this error: Here's my code: on join: if {rank.%player%} is not "Member" or "DonarRank1" or...
  8. Spartan9802

    Variable in the RAM

    Hello :D Is it possible to save variables directly in the RAM through the .CSV file? Help plz :/