Items Require Permissions to Work

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Nov 30, 2021
Can i make it so an item requires a permission to be used in game?
For example, i have a sword called "Cool Sword" that does 8 Damage (Custom item).
Can i make it so unless i have the permission "Cool Sword" it does no damage (the amount of a fist (1) is fine as well if its not possible to make it do 0

Please help :emoji_grinning:
[doublepost=1638252211,1638251287][/doublepost]I was also wondering if this is possible to add with a command
For example i have a skript like this:

command /itemeditor <text> [<text>]:
permission: itemeditor.use
If arg-1 is "name":
set name of player's held item to coloured arg-2

If arg-1 is "lore":
set lore of player's held item to coloured arg-2

If arg-1 is "clearenchants":
disenchant the player's tool

I was wondering if i could make an arg that "Sets permission" or smth
[doublepost=1638252350][/doublepost]And i was also wondering how i can make it so i can add a "new line" option for the lore
Sorry about all these post merges

How can i make it so i can "hide enchantments" and attributes with a command as well
Yes you can make items can be used only if you have permission.

on damage:
if player's tool is <THE ITEM NOT NAME>:
if player's tool is named "Cool Sword":
if player has permission "coolsword.use":
# dont write anything here
if player does not have permission "coolsword.use":
cancel event
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