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  1. R

    Format Slot

    So I want to make a Format gui with on and off but there is always this error message "end crystal named "&a&lTest" is not an nbt compound" Can somebody fix that? function uGUI(p: player): set {_p}'s metadata tag "uGUI" to chest inventory with 5 rows named "TEST" set slot 30 of {_p}'s...
  2. lllllStanlllll

    loop all player if....

    every 5 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player contains {afk::*}: give loop-player prismarine shard named "&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&lA&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&lF&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&lK &x&0&0&9&f&9&5&lS&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&lh&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&la&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&lr&x&0&0&9&f&9&5&ld &8[&eᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴄʏ&8]" with lore...
  3. D

    Text contains

    Hello guys! I need a help with the skript. My problem is the next:I have an example variable (_example,variable}, and contains ex: "test", "test1," test", test" And i want to do this: set {_example} to number of "test" in {_example.variable} or another methode, can,t make this with...
  4. Tubl

    Variables not saving after restart

    I was messing around with skript making random stuff and i realized when i restart my server the variables get reset to their default amount. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. 007L

    Custom Bow

    I would like a custom bow skript that makes fired arrow give the player hit blindness for 2 seconds and glowing for 5 seconds the bow should me called &0Void Bow the skript should be based on the name of the bow disregarding the lore thank you very much
  6. 007L

    Custom Weapon

    Thank you in advance, I would Like a skript that makes the user holding the sword called "&5Dragon Katana" not take any explosion damage while holding the sword and make the player deal explosion damage on right click with a cool down of 30 seconds and the explosion should do 3 hearts of damage...
  7. S

    Armor stand yaw

    I need help for spawn an armor stand looking to player in event-block position: i try with this, it don't send error's but it doesn't work. set {x} to x-coord of event-block set {y} to y-coord of event-block set {z} to z-coord of event-block set...
  8. C

    When owner online do action

    Category: specified player online Suggested name: on Spigot/Skript Version: 2.7.1 What I want: when owner is online 1)place a block on x y z 2) wait 1s 3)then place air x,y,z and loop it every 15 mins Ideas for commands: just setblock i think Ideas for permissions: need to be op'ed lol...
  9. Dominiiikk

    Custom Chat placeholer

    Hello, I want to make a custom placeholer, when a player's message includes "[kct]" it sends his normal message and replaces the "[kct]" part with a custom string. This is what I want it to look like. Its from a plugin. But mine looks like this: Im using this code, anyone knows how to split...
  10. R

    Keyall with Placeholder

    Ich bin also kein guter Entwickler, aber ich habe mein eigenes Keyall-Skript erstellt. Können Sie mir bei der Erstellung eines benutzerdefinierten Platzhalters helfen, der anzeigt, wann der Keyall ist? Wie Keyall in 59:38 Minuten. Thanks you
  11. zysw

    I made a lootbox but people can place it on the ground, anyone know how to fix this (the item is a chest)

    im having problems making it so people cant place it on the ground code: on join: add diamond to {items::*} add diamond sword to {items::*} on right click: if player is holding a chest named "lootbox": give player random element out of {items::*} remove 1 chest...
  12. zysw

    How to make a random item list

    Im trying to make a random item list
  13. Epo___

    Wither Impact ability

    So I'm looking for code that makes a wooden shovel teleport you forwards 10 blocks, whilst making an explosion that only damages other players, not the person who executes it. (Right click ability) I know the basics of it, but I can't figure out the rest. When I'd like it by: Within a week of...
  14. E

    Help with worldguard region creating command

    Yes I'm using these addons yes And this is my script But it cause error How can I fix it (sorry for bad english)
  15. V

    Simple Code help

    Hi! I was trying to make a code that shows the region's name the player is in. It is harder that it looks because I could just use %worldguard_region_name_capitalized% in the Scoreboard (because I want it to be shown in the Scoreboard) but it doesn't show anything when you are in the Wilderness...
  16. C

    Homes GUI (Advanced Skripters ONLY)

    Category: Homes Gui Suggested name: VirtualHomes What I want: I want a homes gui that would open up a gui like the picture provided, and when you click on one of the dyes itll create a home that you can teleport to on right click, and rename on right click. And also with a delete home gui...
  17. S

    How to i test if something has been executed

    How do i test if the function above has been executed?? I am making a skript for a server where you can buy ranks with ingame money (essentials econemy). BUT if i dont have any money i can still buy the rank because the money simply doesn't get removed because you cant go minus. Please Help...
  18. Blue

    Skript gives wrong answer

    Hello, I have this script that should print "true" if there exists a country whose name starts with the letter "V", and "false" otherwise. The problem is, the script always broadcasts the wrong answer. Are there any countries whose names start with the letter "V"? How could I make it broadcast...
  19. S

    Is it possible to Loop the world that the player is currently in??

    Is it possible to Loop the world that the player is currently in??
  20. F

    Need help with my OP Items command

    Hii! So I am very new to skript and watched mitch-matched tutorials and got to this and everything seems fine but there is errors. I will highlight the errored line in red. ```command /opitems: permission: op permission message: "You can't do this, you cheeky bugger!" trigger...