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  1. The0Felon

    Help about nbts

    on inventory click: cancel event set "nbt" to nbt of clicked item this gives me error: How to solve this? i installed Sk-NBeeT for nbts. i can't edit nbts and i don't want to use something like: set lore of player's held item to "lore" because i am working with modded items. I...
  2. Wavemelon

    Instant Damage has no delay

    So I've been making this plugin for an SMP and there's a problem with the effects that it gives. Basically, (like arrows) you can tip swords with potion effects, and there's a problem with the Instant Damage II effect where if you spam your sword, it can kill another player very quickly (which...
  3. Thijnvdrn

    i need help with my custom swords

    iam using items adder and want to make a sword called HeartSteal apply regeneration 2 when holding so bassicly i need a config that does that can anyone help Thank You!
  4. PixelCraft_I_D_K

    SK - Phones

    Hi there! I don't know how to continue this skript farther. Here is my idea: I'm trying to make a phone skript for an RP thing, and I want it so when the player accepts the call with an accept command, which I also need help with, they will be able to chat with the player. I'm thinking of using...
  5. Yushaa

    Sculk Gem

    An echoshard named &9sᴄᴜʟᴋ ɢᴇᴍ when right clicked shoots a sonic boom that does 7 hearts of damage and has a 250 second cooldown and is obtainable by a command
  6. G

    add sublist to list

    I have been encountering errors in adding items to a list, then adding a sublist, then removing the whole list. ps I had to make it {order:: orders::*} because of this {order::emoji_astonished:rders::*} Basically this works but if there are two items in {order:: orders::*} and you remove the...
  7. A

    Semi Anti Cheat Skript - HELP! (simple code)

    i want to make a system that if there is a player have a permission "*" and the name of player is not "Name1", "Name2" or "Name3", it will remove the permission. i make this code, please help. code: every second: if player have permission "*": if name of player is not "Daichi_keii"...
  8. G

    Help with particle skript (with skdragon)

    I have this skript: drawRings particle "redstone", RGB 80, 255, 255, center player, id "%player%", rainbowMode true, randomRotation true, animated false, radius 1, ringCount 4, ringDensity 10, visibleRange 32, pulseDelay 2 It is working but idk why i cant see the particles and i have particles...
  9. JesterTheJetter

    I need someone to code me a SMP skript

    This is what i need help with! When the server starts, everyone gets a iron unbreakable axe called 'Scythe' When you kill someone with the axe in your main, you get a random enchant on any of your tools and armour, when you get a kill, a bossbar will be at the top of the screen with a 10...
  10. F

    Skript Help: Elytra Disable item

    Hey, I wanted help on this item I was going to make for my server. When used, whoever the player hits with the item (shears) can't be able to use their elytra for 1.5 or 2 seconds. I want it to not damage the player and I want it to be a one use only item. Here is the skript I have right now...
  11. Nezerit6

    bag of loot

    Hello, I want to create a loot bag (player head) with the following properties: when the player holds the bag in their hand and right-clicks, the bag will disappear from the inventory, and the player will receive loot, for example, 1 diamond. Please help, I'm using the default script without any...
  12. Hysean

    Solved Need help for /furnace

    Hi, I have this skript for /furnace that works well but not for some items, why ? Thank you options: message_cuit: &6&lDinggg, c'est cuit! erreur: &cIl n'y a pas d'objet à faire cuire command /furnace: permission: nexmagic.furnace permission message: &cTu dois etre &6&lVIP ou...
  13. imStelios

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    Hello. I need help with mmoitems. I want to make mmoitems work with Mysteryboxes. It's all easy but I can't find anywhere the PLACEHOLDER for (player). What I want is to give mmoitems through Mysteryboxes. Mysteryboxes work with commands executes. So I need to config in Mystery box this...
  14. G

    skript for teleport

    Can someone make a script that would teleport the players to 5 coordinates that are entered in the script when they type the /rtp command, like for example: 3393 79 -5702 6620 68 -8957 6611 70 -7618 4101 118 -2005 4951 71 3051
  15. Tewahh

    Custom Enchants Request & Help

    command /ce: aliases: /customenchants, /customenchant, /enchants trigger: set {_item} to gray stained glass pane set {_enchantmentsList} to book named "&eList Of All The Enchants" set line 1 of lore of {_enchantmentsList} to "" set {_commonEnchant} to book...
  16. Asleeppp

    Skript Tools SkFinder 1.0

    SkFinder is a plugin that allows you to look for certain phrases in your scripts. Commands: /skfind search [query] - Search for a phrase or word within your scripts /skfind searchpage [number] [query] - Look for a specific page for your query /skfind reload - Reloads the configuration. This...
  17. Tewahh

    Skript Review/Optimze/Shorten

    command /crates: description: The laziest best way of doing something. trigger: open chest inventory with 4 rows named "&b&lCrates" to player set slot 0 of player's current inventory to stone named "&b&lCustom Crate" on inventory click: #check if the clicked...
  18. 5jgk

    Random integer

    So im tryna make a random integer thingy like this This is my code every 1 tick: set {_1} to 5 set {_2} to 10 set {_random} to random integer between {_1} and {_2} every {random} minutes: loop all players: if "%region at loop-player%" contains "afk": so idk how to do...
  19. I

    Help with inventory click

    Hello, I have this skript with gui for kits, but I can't get 'on inventory click' event to work... I don't get any errors when reloading the skript at all... It just doesn't do anything when I click an item... I kept on trying and i'm getting really pissed off now... command /kits: trigger...
  20. I

    Solved How can you give a player a custom splash potion with skript?

    im trying to create a skript that gives you a splash potion of instant healing, but each time i try it doesnt work, heres the skript give splash potion of instant healing with all flags hidden named "&7ʜᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ ᴘᴏᴛɪᴏɴ &6ᴄᴏɴsᴜᴍᴀʙʟᴇ <##F200FF>ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄ" with lore "&9ɪɴsᴛᴀɴᴛ ʜᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ <##7273FF>2" to...