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  1. R

    Solved How to check for permission true and false in the same line

    As the title suggest, I would like to check if one permission is true while the other is false. I know I could do if player has permission "": if player does not have permission "test.meagain": do something But what I am trying to do is having it on the same line. if player has...
  2. J

    Items Require Permissions to Work

    Can i make it so an item requires a permission to be used in game? For example, i have a sword called "Cool Sword" that does 8 Damage (Custom item). Can i make it so unless i have the permission "Cool Sword" it does no damage (the amount of a fist (1) is fine as well if its not possible to make...
  3. N

    I need The Skript that limit each player to place all type of concrete at once with permissions

    I Need The Skript that limit each player to place all type of concrete at once with permissions and all of the concretes in one permission example: concretes.limit.The Limit Number also something in scoreboard that show how much concrete player can place like 0/10 on scoreboard and if player...
  4. M

    SkQuery Permissions

    I heard there was a permission manager in skQuery but it isn't working. I get these errors. Code: script options: $ use permissions options: noperm: &f&l<&c&l!&f&l> &7No Permission! &f&l<&c&l!&f&l> command perm [<player>] [<text>] [<text>]: permission: skript.admin...
  5. S

    SKQuery & Permissions

    I am trying to make it so when you do /mkit (class) it clears your inventory, gives you the class permission, makes you execute the kit command, tells you the kit message and then promptly removes the message. In the middle of the skripting process before I added most of the effects I tried...
  6. F

    Disable commands on specific regions

    Yo whatsup I wanna create a skript that when you enter a __global__ region you cannot do /fly anymore, and I know what you're thinking: BUT YOU STUPID IDIOT YOU CAN DO IT ON WORLDGUARD AND ADD TO ADMINS WORLDGUARD.REGION.BYPASS.__GLOBAL__ well, here is the thing! I don't want normal players to...
  7. WhiteWolf

    SkQuery Permission Manager [HELP]

    Hello, fellow Skripters! I have a problem with my Skript and I don't know why. Here's the error: permissions of the player can't have anything added to it. yes, I did use the script options: $ use permissions but it's still not working. If anyone could tell me why, that would be greatly...
  8. X

    Verify permissions of an offline player

    SPANISH Verificar permisos de un jugador offline Hola! He venido aqui porque soy nuevo con el tema de skript-mirror... Quiero verificar si un jugador offline tiene permisos.... no quiero usar "if player data of arg-1 has permission "blabla.blabla"" esto simplemente verifica si tiene permisos...
  9. Aidanete

    Solved I had a problem with TuSKe GUIs and Permissions

    A day ago, I tried to use LuckPerms for my server, and was very cool and worked fine, anyway, I had a problem that when you execute a command from a TuSKe GUI when deopped, also when you have the permission to execute that command, it will not work, also I tried to use the command in chat and...
  10. Riknesh

    Solved Add permission to player

    How to fix this command...its not working for me command /test: trigger: add "test" to player's permissions [21:05:52 ERROR]: permissions of the player can't have anything added to it (, line 38: add "test" to player's permissions')
  11. iim_alex

    Script UPerms - Permissions / GUI Group Set / Simple Command b1

    NEW Best Skript Permissions System Dependencies - Skript - SkQuery - TusKa - SkUtilities This Plugin was created in a simple and effective way. Thanks to the innovative Skript Permissions, technology is one of the Best UPerms System Skripts. · /uperm - Open a GUI · /uperms user (player)...
  12. cheatchki

    Script BungeePEX 1.0

    Requirements: - skript - MundoSK - SKUtilities - PermissionEX Features: - Ability to send PermissionEx commands over your bungee server - Set Certain ranks to be bungee wide - config is seperate from skript, and can be found in the PermissionEx folder (Or if specified in a different...
  13. ThanasiShadoW

    Two things about minigames

    I am making a minigame and i want to make a working lobby (players will wait there untill more players join). The problem is that i don't know how to save/load inventories and prevent them from using other commands. Any ideas?