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  1. kyem2009

    Solved Spawn Type

    In the on spawn statement, how can I determine the spawn type? *Please be understanding if this seems strange as I'm Korean.
  2. N

    Script Spawn Script 0.0.2

    An easy to use SetSpawn/Spawn script!!! Commands: /setspawn: Perm: skript.setspawn Desc: Sets the spawn to your location /spawn Desc: Teleports you to spawn and if there is none gives you an error message
  3. Rapid

    Clear inv on spawn/join

    I have a PVP server. In my server I wanna do like if any player go to spawn his inv got clear. I am using advanced spawn plugin. Is there anything if any player do /spawn there will be some commands executed. Note : I wanna only create that if a player is in another world and do /spawn he will...
  4. N

    How to spawn a mob in a specifihc multiverse world

    Im using the newest Skript and Multiverse version and I'm not able to spawn a monster like a husk in a specific multiverse world: The skript should spawn a monster every 1 second in every arena if the arena doesn't has 20 monsters or over. Like there are 10 arenas and every arena is a single...
  5. B

    Trying to put a delay on /spawn command

    Hello, I am trying to put a delay on my /spawn command and when the player moves it will cancel the event #! Script Version 2.6.3: #!Minecraft Version: 1.17.1 #! this part is fine command /setspawn: permission: op trigger: set {spawn} to location of player send...
  6. N

    Spawn blocker

    so I want a skript so when you get in combat you can not enter back into spawn i have a combat tag skript i made but idk if you need it ill just put it here it needs to work 1.17 on damage: if attacker is a player: set {combat::%attacker's uuid%} to now set...
  7. M

    Solved Spawning mobs in specific coordinates and world

    How to do this?
  8. C

    Solved Spawn a mob on block break.

    So I wan't to make it so a zombie has a 5% chance of spawning when someone breaks stone.
  9. FistoF

    Rename mob's tool

    Is there a way to change the name of a naturally spawned mob's weapon? I'm needing this so I can use it along with OptiFine's item name-based texture feature. E: I'm going to try: set main hand tool of last spawned pillager to crossbow named "Rifle"
  10. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a skript (pretty long)

    I need a /spawn skript - /setspawn - /spawn - sk.spawn (For /setspawn, and /delspawn) - /delspawn sk.spawn - no /spawn permission - instant spawn - if your in combat wait 3 seconds then /spawn (instant teleport) - make it say "&eWait &63 &eSeconds" type of thing when there in combat - (teleport...
  11. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a skript

    i need EssentialsSpawn but its a skript (i need it to be instant teleport not wait 5 seconds) Thank You! :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. K

    Set zombified piglin to aggressive on spawn

    I need a skript that will make all zombified piglins aggressive or hostile when they spawn. Thank You!
  13. M


    So i have a spawn skript but every time the server restarts it spawns you in the regular world, i am on minehut so i cant just replace the world file, i dont use multiverse as i dont have enough plugin slots. command setspawn: permission: farms.setspawn trigger: set {spawn} to...
  14. Apollogeist

    Solved Spawn zombie at entity's position

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.4-beta7 Skript Author: ShaneBee Minecraft Version: 1.14 --- Full Code: on spawn of zombie: cancel event spawn 1 zombie at %event-entity%'s position Errors on Reload: Line 3: Can't understand this condition/effect: spawn 1 zombie at...
  15. M

    Is There to spawn an entity at a location

    Im trying to make like a custom rpg type thing and im trying to make a custom mob with custom names and drops, health, strength and extra but i need my mob to spawn in World Skyblock at a certain location and/or block. I already now how to spawn the mob but i dont now how to spawn it at this place
  16. CUrrUpt Enxo

    Is There to spawn an entity at a location

    im trying to make entities with custom health and custom name and i want it to spawn at a location maybe u can spawn it at a block i need some help with this
  17. taurus

    Spawn xombie

    I need a skeleton to appear, when a zombie appears. But only in a world called "zombie" and only when the player is in it. Problems: 1-does not recognize the condition: player is in "zombie" 2-Skeletons appear in all worlds. on spawn of an zombie: player is in "zombie" spawn 1...
  18. M

    Help meeeee :(

    "/mobspawn add" command to add a monster sponge, there are mobs there. When all the mobs are dead, the mob must come out after the set time. However, if you kill with the rpgitem or magic spell skill instead of the default item, you will get an error that the mobs do not spawn. If you need...
  19. S

    Solved World's spawn location

    Hello, I've search everywhere on the internet and I don't found how can i get the location of a specific world. (if I don't find a solution with armor stand, I would try when a player join the world to generate my schematic) My code: #creating world #teleport entity to my spawn in world...
  20. N

    Location spawn

    How do i do so a location spawn cookies forever but if i type /stopcookiespawn it stop spawning them but if i type /togglecookiespawn it spawns again Pls help me ( sorry for bad english )