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  1. B

    Skript How To Create Randomized Rooms

    Hi yall, hope your having a splendid day/night. However, I have been trying to make randomized rooms that connect to each other as they generate. Can somebody potentially help me with this? I run on version 1.19.4.
  2. nicolas toledo

    "on item damage" how to cancel item damage?

    Hi guys, I'm doing a MMORPG server and since I can't find plugins to change the durability of the items, it seemed like a good idea to make certain items have "chance%" to cancel the damage event of the event-item so that the items last longer Here is an example of what I want to do. on item...
  3. D

    Solved How to make Weapons

    Hey, how to make weapons that shoot snowballs not only forward but also to the left or right, so I can make a shotgun for example? Thanks already for any answer!
  4. nicolas toledo

    Solved increase the damage by % doesn't work

    Hello I have a problem. I want specific item to damage 50% more based on final damage. Therefore, a weapon that damages 100 should damage 150, but only damages 10 more hearts (110). also with any damage done (if the damage is 15 it also adds 10 damage). The weird thing is that "reduce damage...
  5. nicolas toledo

    increase or decrease damage by percentages

    Hello, I am having a problem! I want a player to have a specific item to damage 50% more based on the final damage caused. Therefore a weapon that damages 100 should damage 150, but only damages 10 more hearts (110). Weapon damage is controlled by the Heroes plugin, but I don't think it affects...
  6. nicolas toledo

    When installing an addon the folder is not created

    Hi guys, I tried everything, the version of the addon is compatible with Skripts and the version of my server (1.13.2). When I drop the addons in the "plugins" folder and start the server, the addon folders (for example SKQuery) are not created, there are no signs of loading errors, it simply...
  7. W

    Shiny not working : "format slot 1 of player with shiny paper"

    This is my skript: # SKRIPT LAVET AF WALLHACK27 # DISCORD: WALLHACK27::1111 command /kits: trigger: wait 3 ticks open chest with 3 rows named "&6&lKITS" to player format slot 13 of player with glowing glass named "&eTag dit kit." with lore "&7- Klik her for at tage...
  8. R


    Heyho liebe Skript Community! Ich eröffne hiermit meinen Skript Shop (GERMAN) ihr könnt über Discord (RoaderIzzzDa#9666) anschreiben und euren Skript wunsch äußern je nach dem was das Skript kann wird es Free oder Kostenpflichtig sein. Jedes Skript wird exklusiv bleiben und an keine Dritten...