skript 1.12.2

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  1. SirMaggus

    Teleport player under himself

    Hey, I'm currently making a skript and I need help to teleport a player under himself. Btw. I'm on 1.12.2! I mean this: command /test: trigger: loop all players: teleport loop-player 5 blocks under loop-player's location Thank you for your help!
  2. V

    Levelling System - Mines

    Hello. I am requesting a Skript made for levelling up in a Mines Server. Here are the necessary information to create this Skript: Level 1 - eco give <user> 20, lp user <user> parent add <rank> Condition: Mined 50 Blocks Level 2 - eco give <user> 50, lp user <user> parent add <rank> Condition...
  3. M


    I'm trying to create an alias for a mod item, but it's giving an error that it's not a minecraft id aliases: avaliador = sledenmod:avaliador command /reset: trigger: set {sorteioclasse1.%player%} to 0 on rightclick: player's targeted block is avaliador...
  4. Q

    list variable

    command /removeair: trigger: remove air from {Slot.%{slotname}%::*} I used this code but the air does not disappear. How can I make the AIR disappear? I am Japanese and I am using deepl translation.
  5. V


    if the player has a particular item in the inventory, execute a command
  6. M

    Probleme de variable sur un give

    Bonjour je fait appel a ce site pour que l'on puisse m'aider ! voici le probleme: give {number.%player%} dirt named "dirt" to player <---- l'erreur vien du give plutot de la variable ! every 5 seconds: add 10 to {number.%loop-player%} Si vous pouvez m'aider au plus vite je vous en...
  7. T

    auction skript error

    I'm using money skript with this skript. but auction skript has error ( can't understand this condition if {auction::start::buyer}'s {money::%player%} >= {auction::start::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:rice}: ) How can fix it ? version is JE 1.12.2 / Sk 2.4 options: 칭호: &6&l[ &f&l경매 &6&l]&f...
  8. E

    Help Skript: if player's balance is more than or equal to

    Hi, I have encountered an error that I cannot understand in my script ERROR: [04:04:16 WARN]: Empty configuration section! You might want to indent one or more of the subsequent lines to make them belong to this section or remove the colon at the end of the line if you don't want this line to...
  9. A

    [HELP] Changing price for item

    Hi i want to want let a item change price every 10 seconds, and i dont know what to do. This my code so far. every 10 seconds: loop all players: set {_prijs} to a random integer between 2800 and 4600
  10. K

    Solved Shorten the code - rankup with 3 requirement

    I solved. Sorry about that
  11. FoxCraftGaming

    Block placing not working

    Hey everyone, so i have this skript here without any errors, but if players change their own color, the placed block is still white, or if i place a red wool. its stays red. what am i doing wrong?? Skript:
  12. C

    Setting variables to URLs

    Hello, I am trying to set my variable to a line on a webpage. This webpage is a .txt document on my website. for example, ?
  13. N

    How to make NPC flying naturally with skin (NPC as Vex)

    How to make naturally flying NPC as vex in skript like in the video they fly like a normal NPCs for like 20 seconds once i summon them by command /npcfake
  14. S

    Fehrler bei SkQuery wenn ich auf denn Server Joine..

    DEUTSCH: Hallo, immer wenn ich auf meinen Server joine kommt ein fehler code in der Console von SkQuery.. Wie kann ich das beheben? ENGLISCH: Hello, every time I join my server there is an error code in the console of SkQuery .. How can I fix it? the probleme is: [12:55:35 ERROR]: [SkQuery]...
  15. FoxCraftGaming

    Solved gui error

    hey everyone, can someone help me with this skript cuz i dont get it to work with whatever i try command /bwgui: permission: sk.bwgui permission message: &8&l(&c&l!&8&l)&7 &cUnknown&7 command, type &c/help&7 for help trigger: set {bwps} to number of players in world...
  16. FoxCraftGaming

    Solved Need help with player skulls

    alright so, i want to make it when a player join, they get ther own skull in slot 0 (fist slot) named vrienden menu (dutch for friends menu). but i dont get it working with onw player head. anyone ideas how to make it? on join: send "%player% has joined the network" to console player's...
  17. A

    Fireworks with Skript-Mirror

    Questions: How would I launch and edit Fireworks with Skript-Mirror? I'm fairly new to Skript-Mirror so don't expect me to know too much. I don't have any current code to post in this. I understand there are ways to possibly do this with TuSke on it's own though I'm just curious as to how this...
  18. I

    Using procent signs in a string?

    Hello. So I was wondering how I could use percent signs inside a string. I have searched for the problem and I could not find anything that would help me. Thanks, ICoding.
  19. Z

    Custom Enderchest Bug

    I have problem with my custom enderchest skript. If i first open the enderchest then save my items, but secondly i open the enderchest the old ones appear, but the new ones are not saved. on rightclick on a ender chest: cancel event open chest with 5 rows named "Big EnderChest" to...
  20. UwRekening

    Send message to a permission group

    Hey, I'm trying to make a war script. and so I have some problems. so if I do /war then if I have the permissions of war.astina and if someone else has the permissions "test1", and then if someone clicks on the skull then I get not only message "test1" but also message as "test2" does anyone...