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  1. 2

    Solved Skript Conditions Doesn't Work With Placeholders

    This is a example code similar to my main code, when I run /statsmoney it literally does nothing and sends nothing. (The placeholders work fine if I don't use the if {_playerBalance}... for example if I just send a message with %{_playerBalance}% it will show my balance correctly but with if ...
  2. FindME

    Solved How do i add weight to an item so like 1/2 or 1/4 like chances of getting item

    on step on pressure plate: if event-block is a iron pressure plate: if block below event-location is iron block: set {_number} to a random integer between 1 and 4 if {_number} is 1: give player iron nugget named "&fIron Nugget" with lore "This...
  3. S

    Help with actions in Script

    I figured out how to register events, but I did not find information on how to implement them fully. That is: I was able to display a message in the chat during the event and that's it. What other actions can be done, I just don’t know how to do it, and I can’t find information either, please help!
  4. K

    Solved Void kill please help me

    Script version 2.6.3 SkQuery version 4.1.7 Skellett version 1.9.11 SkRayFall verison 1.9.26 Server version 1.17.1 on death: attacker is a player: victim is a player: if damage cause is void: add 7 to {Points.%attacker's uuid%}
  5. X

    Can anyone skript me a donut smp spawner skript

    I recently learnt how to skript like 1month ago i understand it but this is still way to hard for if u think u can help hit me up either post the code here or add me on discord :D ClippedByVull#7693
  6. K

    Need help refining my Skript for gens and PvP combo

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to Skript and I've been working on a gens and PvP combo script for my server. However, I've been experiencing significant lag issues despite hosting the server locally on a powerful computer with 32GB of RAM and an i7-9700K processor. I would appreciate any...
  7. Radicc

    Disky permissions in a channel

    Does anybody know how to add and remove perms from a role in a channel? i search the docs and nothing works :/ My code:
  8. XpelaajaX

    Need help with coordinates

    Hi! I am creating a maze spawning system using structure blocks and /clone command, but i cant get the coordinates of my loop blocks the right way. I want them like this: "15 4 12",but i get them like "15,4 12,5 14,5" here's my code: command /generate: trigger: if player is a...
  9. Radicc

    Solved Creative inventory

    I want to see what items players take from the creative inventory mostly bcause i want to see if anyone is abusing and bcause there is certain items i dont want to be spawnable with creative. Can anyone help? I HAVE searched the docs and i tryied to google it too :)
  10. Z

    Solved Kits claiming interfering with totems?

    Explanation of what the skript should do: - Every time someone buys something using buycraft, a permission of the set is assigned to the player. - If a player has a permission, he can do "/kits" and then auto fill his bought kit/s. - Only the one he bought will be displayed and working when...
  11. T

    Particles help

    Hello I need help with particle projectiles, I dont know how to make in skript 1.12.2 with addons a particle projectile like umbaska or the magicspells and Magic plugin. Im making a self coded Harry Potter RPG server and I want to make custom spells
  12. V

    armor unequip bug

    Ok so when I dropping the item from my armor the armor unequip is not called so all the stats on the player are getting doubled here is the code of armor equip/unequip on armor equip: #set {_dl} to line 1 of lore of event-item set {lore::*} to event-item's lore split at "||" set...
  13. I

    How to check is something is a group

    I want to make a grant rank skript and i want to be able to check if the group the player choosed is a real group i tried: if arg-2 is a group: Is it possible? Pls help Can someone help me? someone help me pls
  14. C

    How do I use functions instead of "else if"

    I am trying to make a system of rewards for killing wither skeletons and it makes the server lag due to the "else if"s, I want to use functions and someone told me to use: function checkChance(chance: number, number: number) :: boolean: return true if {_chance} <= {_number} else false My...
  15. S

    Solved How to get the location of the block of the looped item?

    Hello, I'm trying to develop an anti-dupe system and I need help urgently.. I want to get the location of the block of the looped item, but do not know how :/ This is my code: every 1 seconds: loop {pchest::*}: loop all items in block at loop-value: if {banneditems::*}...
  16. M

    Block Event

    English: Hello dear readers, I have a little problem and can't help myself .. I want you to select a block with a command, for example, which is under one that can then be assigned to a group and this disappears when you approach, for example. If you have a solution, I thank you if I can help...
  17. N

    Help: save placed block names in variable

    Hello, i want to save the name of custom heads in a variable when placed and use them for some if statements when broken. This is currently my script and the message on place just says <nothing>: on place of player head: message "%name of event-block%" to player if name of event-block is...
  18. A

    Custom Mob Drops (With Items From Other Plugins)

    I am using a plugin called Vouchers (Link Here: I want the mobs to drop an item from the Vouchers plugin. If someone could please experiment and just give me a basic code on how to do it, it would be very helpful. Much appreciated for any...
  19. P

    Can't remove effect from player

    Can somebody help me with this, I would like to remove the effect if a player unequips the helmet. The applying effect works, however removing it does not. I also get no errors, Can somebody explain to me whats wrong? (Btw, I know you can just use on equip events etc, but I like to use SKBee...
  20. J

    Acid Rain?

    Hi guys, I'm working on a minigame, but I can't get acid rain to work. Do I need to check if there is a block above the player? What's the best method? This is my script now. Thanks