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  1. S

    Many different errors involving loop-player

    Im trying to make a side bar to show the players money, and i made this test sidebar but it gives 3 errors. every 1 seconds: loop all players: #Cant understand condition/effect wipe loop-player sidebar wipe loop-player sidebar #loop-player is neither an item stack...
  2. YourFavoritePerson

    Sidebar Help

    can someone please help me with this skript I made for my modded survival server? on first join: {money::%player%} = 0 {playerkills::%player%} = 0 on right click: player is sneaking: event-item is emerald named "&2Money": add 1 to {money::%player%} every 2...
  3. O

    Solved Periodic event error

    Hello, I was trying to merge a sidebar with a kill counter skript and it continues to give me this error. "There's no world in a periodic event if no world is given in the event. Attached is code.
  4. D

    Solved Scoreboard / Sidebar

    Category: Scoreboards / Sidebars Suggested name: doesn't matter. Spigot/Skript Version: What I want: so i have an OP prisons server, and i want a scoreboard for it. i searched on here & found some older requests with scoreboard skripts, tho i couldn't really get them to work, i always met...
  5. E

    Sidebar issue

    I have an issue with skript. Ir load up and it doesnt show any errors, but when I teleport to the (Overworld) world, the sidebar doesnt change. every 5 seconds in "Overworld": loop players in "Overworld": wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to...
  6. E

    Solved Skript Error: loop-player is not a date

    I just got a problem with this loop-player thing, and really need help by fixing it.
  7. B

    Display sidebar without using SkRayFall

    I would like to use the sidebar in the game, but I also plan to use the scoreboard at the same time. Is it possible to change the individual sidebar without using SkRayFall? The environment you are running is as follows Spigot 1.12.2(git-Spigot-eb3d921-2b93d83) Skript 2.3.5 SkUtilities 0.9.2...
  8. SamDFL

    Problem with SkRayfall Scoreboard

    Skript Version: Skript (Latest Version) Skript Author: SamDFL Minecraft Version: 1.8.9 So I'm trying to make a scoreboard for my UHC server while players are in the lobby. It shows amount of players online, host's name, team size and the server's twitter. This was working earlier, but suddenly...
  9. kenkencw

    Solved how to make every player got own sidebar

    MC Version: Spigot 1.9.4 Skript: bensku dev 19 addons: - skstuff v1.6.3.7 - Tuske - SkRayFall v1.9.5 - SkQuery by gatt (11 May 2016) - Skellett v1.6.8 - Wild Skript 1.9 problem: im now using skellett scoreboard, but cannot set different scoreboard for every players i have thousands of...