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  1. 5jgk

    Random integer

    So im tryna make a random integer thingy like this This is my code every 1 tick: set {_1} to 5 set {_2} to 10 set {_random} to random integer between {_1} and {_2} every {random} minutes: loop all players: if "%region at loop-player%" contains "afk": so idk how to do...
  2. H

    Random Firework Attributes

    I am trying to randomize firework attributes using vanilla skript. I wanted to randomize the firework type, color, and effect so I tried the following: on load: clear {fireworkAttr::*} add "gold" to {fireworkAttr::color::*} add "blue" to {fireworkAttr::color::*} add "green" to...
  3. IViddyy

    Selecting A Random Player

    Hi im trying to make a command that when used selects a random player and calls them a nerd (example: [player] is a nerd!!!) but i dont know how to.I made a command that kinda works but idk how to send the name of the player.Here is the code i have currently command /nerd: trigger...
  4. L

    Random script

    I need that when I write the /randombuild command, a random name is taken from the list and written to the chat: Theme for building: RANDOM WORD How to do it?
  5. C

    How do I use functions instead of "else if"

    I am trying to make a system of rewards for killing wither skeletons and it makes the server lag due to the "else if"s, I want to use functions and someone told me to use: function checkChance(chance: number, number: number) :: boolean: return true if {_chance} <= {_number} else false My...
  6. A

    Random Block Placement

    Hello. I am trying to place a cuboid with random blocks inside it (lets say cobblestone and stone) but i cannot figure out how to do it. I have tried some things but skript can't understand it so i'm trying to get help here. Please try and help as i've been trying for so long now and i've posted...
  7. P

    advanced looting system

    Hey, I'm trying to randomize the list but I'm failing to do so. Can you help me? on load: delete {ore.loot.list::*} add 2 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*} add 1 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*} add 1 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*} add 1 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*}...
  8. J

    Random Mobs

    Im tryna make a gamemode where it says a random mob in chat and you have to kill it. any ideas? Basically block shuffle with mobs
  9. U

    loop items from GUI and add only items to list variable, not air

    i've been trying to find a solution for a few hours now, and i can't find anything. this is the part that generates the list variable from the GUI inventory loop 54 times: set {_loop} to loop-value - 1 set {bingo.%{_loop}%} to slot {_loop} of player's current inventory...
  10. A

    I need help in making a random block generator

    Hello i'm wondering how to make that when u right click a cd for example stal u get a random item except for bedrock. Can anyone help me?
  11. I

    Run command random times

    Hi all! I want run a command random times (between 1-60 minutes). How do I start this code? Thanks in advance for the answers! Sorry for my bad english! I'm a beginner skript writer. Have a nice day!
  12. J

    Random entity

    I don't know if it's possible, but can you spawn a random entity when someone breaks a block? This code won't work: on break: set {_entity} to a random entity out of all entity's set {_entity} to a random entity
  13. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Hi! I need to create a random ID's (numbers with letters value) generator. Smith like: set {_id} to "%random integer between 111111 and ZZZZZZ%" Please, help. <3
  14. P

    Schematic to an random element

    Hey. Is there a way to set a Schematic to a random element?
  15. ShaneBee

    Script RandomTP 1.2.0

    An easy to use tool, for your players to randomly teleport around the world. This script has a lot of configurable options allowing you to adapt it to the needs of your server. Check out the features below. Features: - Random teleports will not place you in water - Random teleports will almost...
  16. MisterBasic

    Solved Using Random Letters...

    When i go to use my code, it causes tons of errors in the console. Error here Function Usage: randomString("a|b|c|d|e|f") Outputs Random character that is defined, which could be a, b, c, d, e, f function randomString(char: text) :: text: set {_characters::*} to {_char} split at "|"...
  17. D

    Give a random amount of experience points to the player

    Hello, I am trying to give a random amount of experience points to the player using this: give a random number between {_emin} and {_emax} exp to the player but it just returns this: ('a random number between {_emin}' and '{_emax} exp') can't be added to a player because the former is...
  18. T

    Find a Random Coord, place a chest there with loot

    Hello! I'm trying to write a skript that finds a random coord on the surface, places a chest there with some customizable loot, strike lightning there, point players compasses toward it, and place a few mobs around the chest to "guard" it. This is what I have so far, but I'm not sure that it...
  19. F

    Solved Random Block in Loop Radius

    Hey! I've been trying to make a skript, but I ran into a problem that I can't solve. (Been using skript for about 2 weeks) How could I loop blocks in radius 5 of player and then select a random block from the looped blocks and I used "on any movement:" from SkQuery, but I'd like to change that...