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  1. A

    Solved Hex color format changes when running Execute Command -SOLVED-

    --SOLVED-- Was just a random color plugin that was causing issues. removed it and updated essentials_chat and everything worked. Hello skGods! I am new here and am working on a skript that will allow players to change their prefix. It works perfectly fine until you try to add a Prefix with Hex...
  2. C

    Solved Custom variable prefix

    I have made custom xp variables per player. I need to make a custom prefix for the player that includes the level variable I have made using skript.
  3. N

    Weapon Level RNG on drop + Player Level (?)

    Category: Levelling, RPG, Weapons Suggested name: Equipment Level RNG to Player Level Calculator Spigot/Skript Version: Most recent. What I want: The title is hard to understand, so I will do my best to describe what I'm requesting. Rather than having fixed, set levels on each armorpiece...
  4. couger44

    Solved Error in creating a expression in skript-mirror.

    It doesn't matter, I already solved it.
  5. K

    Solved Prefixes in messages

    Hi, I need to know how to add Groupmanager prefixes to my custom death messages. Maybe also suffixes and Join and Quit messages? I want it like this: on death: victim is a player attacker is a player set the death message to "&f%victim%&8 has been killed by &f%attacker%&8!"
  6. T

    Solved Help with chat

    Hey skripters, I wanna know how I add something to the thing when a player chats. So like I dont wanna cancel the chat event and customize the message but I wanna get the message that you would get always but add something in front of this. I wanna do this because I am using a plugin that adds...
  7. E

    Help with Minigame script!

    Hello Guys, im from germany and my English is maybe a little bit bad but my Problem is that i dont know how to write a script who player's can join a lobby (/join server1) and with example 4 players in this lobby the game starts. i dont know how to write that i need help pllsssssss.
  8. S

    Team prefix with Skellett

    Hello, I have a problem with Skellett adon: I don't know how can I set the prefix of my created team. I found this in SkriptHub docs and in the plugin's code. I've tried this: set scoreboard team prefix of "player" to "&8" But it doesn't work, this expression can't be found by Skript. Thank...
  9. S

    skAnimatedTags (Under pleayer heads tags)

    Hello guys: Suggested name: skAnimatedTags, skAnimatedNames, skPlayersNameTags What I want: I want to see realy realy some realy good skript for that the player can have under heads 2 maybe 2 lines of Tags, possible to see Prefix player name and suffix and possible option a config in wich...
  10. Kamino_Ramos

    Chat placeholders, possible?

    I want to create my own clan system, and everything seems pretty clear but one thing, clan tags in chat. Idea is, similar to SimpleClans, leader of clan can choose clan tag, maximum of 3 symbols (color codes not in count), and this tag will be displayed near nickname of clam members, and if...
  11. Adrihun

    Solved Rank helper

    Category: Ranks Suggested name: UpdaterRank What I want: I want a simple script. If you type in /rank add (name of the player) (name of the rank) it will give the player the rank that you typed in (OWNER, BUILDER etc) and console will then execute command "pex user NAME group set OWNER" then a...