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  1. Sashie

    Addon skDragon Recode 1.0.2

    ៜкƊʀᴀɢᴏɴܟ Recode At the moment this recode only focuses on particle effects, more effects will be added in the future! Think of this like a new plugin! <3 You are able to use the particle/effect expressions before or after the particle effect is started so you can add more interactivity to...
  2. Sovde

    Addon Skript-Particle v1.3.1

    skript-particle Skript addon for creating complex particle effects with minimal hassle. Requires Skript 2.7+, Java 17, Paper 1.17.1+ Download at the releases page. You can find help, give suggestions, or voice complaints in the Issues tab here, or on the skript-chat discord here...
  3. T

    Particles help

    Hello I need help with particle projectiles, I dont know how to make in skript 1.12.2 with addons a particle projectile like umbaska or the magicspells and Magic plugin. Im making a self coded Harry Potter RPG server and I want to make custom spells
  4. YourFavoritePerson

    Play Beacon Sound

    I need help making it so when you right click it shoots an aqua colored laser of redstone particles where your curser is, then if it hits an entity or player it damages the entity/player
  5. S

    particle skbee

    i want to make this command: /particle minecraft:glow_squid_ink ~ ~ ~ 0.1 100 0.1 0 2500 force in a skript but i have no idea how to convert it because i just searched particle beam on google i want that the beam spawns on a player
  6. T

    Invisible proyectiles help

    Hi, I want to know how can I make invisible a fireball or any other projectile like an snowball or an arrow with packets or any other form because im making a magic spell skript for my server and I only know how to do them shooting a projectile trailed with skdragon particles. (I know how to...
  7. T


  8. E

    Particle error (skDragon)

    i want to make a particle line from player to target block but an error appears. drawLine particle1 "redstone", RGB 0, 0, 255, particle2 "redstone", RGB2 0, 0, 255, center player, target target block, id "%player%", rainbowMode true, solid false, density 2, length 0, zigZag count 0, height 0...
  9. E

    Particle color and amount (skDragon)

    hi. i want to change the color (blue) and the amount of the particles in skDragon. drawLine particle smokelarge, XYZ 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, center player, target location of target living entity, id "%random number between 0 and 100000%", rainbowMode true, solid false, density 2, length 0, zigZag...
  10. E

    Particles around arrow

    hey, I tried to make arrows with particles on a 1.8.8 server but it doesn't work. There are no erros but nothing happens, when i shoot an arrow! on shoot: projectile is arrow: while ground state of projectile is false: play heart at projectile wait 1 tick...
  11. N

    Particle at location

    every 2 seconds: loop {particle::*}: drawComplexSpiral particle "redstone", center player, id "%loop-value%", rainbowMode true, clockwise true, scan true, radius 1.1, density 100, height 7, effectMod 0.1, start 0, visibleRange 100 command /Setparticle: trigger: add...
  12. Wolwer

    Solved block break particle

    Hello! I need to create redstone block break particles (for "blood explosition" kill effect). I think, I need to use skDragon. Can you help me? Like this: (but 2-blocks high at location of player) Thx <3 nvm I made it drawDot count 250, particle "blockdust", material redstone block, XYZ...
  13. FistoF

    Particle bridges/gates

    Category: Mechanics Suggested name: Particle bridges/gates Minecraft version: 1.14 What I want: Droppers named "Bridge" that projectes span of particles that are able to support the weight of players. It can be quickly deactivated via a lever to sever the access to the area, removing the...
  14. FistoF

    Squad Shield

    Category: PvP Suggested name: Squad Shield Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making this script What I want: The Squad Shield from Star Wars Battlefront 1. A player places down a brewing stand ✅ 2. It starts smoothly❌ emitting particles in a shape of a one big...
  15. N

    Dropped Items Glow (With particle)

    Hello! I've tried some stuff to make this work, but I haven't figured it out. I've decided to ask you people. So, what I want is to all items that are dropped to glow. But, if the dropped item is named "commonar", then the glow should be white. (Cloud particle) If the dropped item is named...
  16. Danbo

    Solved Shooting a particle beam with SkDragon?

    I just got SkDragon and couldn't find a tutorial on how to do so. Could someone show me how? Thanks! NVM I figured out how. :P
  17. Spartan9802

    Particle Note color with 1.12

    Hi, I can't find how to create a random color note in 1.12 for a single player, I succeeded for global players with SkDragon or SkRayFall but not for a single player... In 1.8 I used Umbaska but I would like to get rid of it in 1.12, would you have a solution? Thanks for your help
  18. Selvati

    Solved Projectile Trails

    I know that it is possible to give arrows a custom particle trail using the code below, how can I do this same effect for fishing rods, snowballs, and eggs? on shoot: projectile is arrow: while ground state of projectile is false: play heart at projectile...
  19. FistoF

    Pulse Cannon

    Category: Weapons Suggested name: Pulse Cannon Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making the script. What I want: A Pulse Cannon inspired by Star Wars. It is a ranged weapon that fires green Guardian's laser beams. The weapon takes several seconds to charge...
  20. Selvati

    Solved 1.12.2 Projectile Trail

    To my knowledge and what I have attempted, no public skript for projectile trails works on spigot 1.12.2, in the past few days many problems have arisen for me with my plugins, if anyone has advice on how to do this in 1.12.2 bypassing the no longer workingg methods, then please do leave a...