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  1. awsome101

    right click detection doesnt work

    I have a skript that detects if you right-click on gray wool using kelp. It works for me, even when I de-op myself. But for some reason, it doesn't teleport other players when they try. I'm not sure why this happens. But I'd like to fix it on right click on gray wool: player is holding kelp...
  2. J

    Solved Return not working. Am I too dumb?

    Hi! I'm currently making a seperate money system for a roleplay. This is why I added a moneyAPI. I added a moneyAPIverify() function, what I can call in other skripts to check if the API is on, but somehow it gives me an error. My code: function moneyAPIverify(): return "api_found" This...
  3. Builder4Life

    bosssystem | no errors but boss is not spawning

    #This skript is made by MightyTiger options: #names prefix: &9&lAppolloboxx shark: &9&lShark &bBoss devil: &4&lDevil &cBoss darkknight: &5&lDarkKnight &dboss sandstormer: &6SandStormer &eBoss #item drops sharkdrop: prismarine crystals named "&b&lShark Fragment" sharkdropname...
  4. L

    Solved Help with right click

    Hi , I have a problem with right click, basically , when a player right click with the item, it does work well, but if the items are 2, it does not work. on right click on dirt: if tool of player is stick: if name of tool of player is "example": make console execute...
  5. S

    Custom Hex Colors not working

    So basically yeah, hex colors are not working for me for some reason command /test: trigger: send formatted "<##dddddd>a" For some reason, it just sends the color code of the last digit of the hex color, so in the code above, it sends an 'a' with color &d which is Light Purple
  6. D

    Solved Armor Stand Problem

    Hey, I have a problem: I placed an armor stand and with the following script I wanted to execute a command with it. But it doesn't work, why? Here is my code: Skript: on right click on a armor stand: send "test message" player's world = "world": send "test message" if...
  7. FlameikTV

    Solved MySQL connection?

    Hi, is there in Skript still feature to connect with Skript to the MySQL database? I tried everything that I found on Google but nothing of that works for me. :emoji_cry: Please, if you know how to do it - please reply here :emoji_pray::emoji_pray:
  8. C

    Solved Entity teleport not working

    I'm trying to teleport a silverfish to some coords, and it's not giving any errors, but it doesn't work. here is my code: command fight: trigger: teleport silverfish to location(970, 48, -22, world) it works when I put player but not anything else
  9. P

    cancel event is not working when throwing stacks of items

    Hello, i have an issue with this code: on drop: player is holding lapis block named "<cyan><bold>Mana": cancel event If i press q (the key that drops the items), the code works perfectly, and nothing happens. If i press ctrl+q, all of the lapis drops to the ground, so the code...
  10. G

    Skript Speed Issue

    Hello! I'm currently working on a dungeon-crawler type server. One of the items that mages are going to be able to use is called the "Ghost Cloak". The skript for it isn't working so great. Here is what I have: command /ghostcloak: permission: op permission message: "&cYou do not have...
  11. L

    Solved Make a player perform an command with an permission

    Hey, i am trying to make an gui. But now i would like that if a player click on an item the command get executet with an permssion (or as op) if index of event-slot = 13: cancel event make player execute command "/mv tp jumpandrun" [that command should run with...
  12. S

    Solved This is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

    on join: set {chat::spigotcolors::*} to "&1", "&2", "&3", "&4", "&5", "&6", "&7", "&8", "&9", "&a", "&b", "&c", "&d", "&e" and "&f" set {chat::colors::*} to "<dark blue>", "<dark aqua>", "<dark red>", "<dark purple>", "<gold>", "<gray>", "<dark gray>", "<light blue>", "<dark green>"...
  13. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved SkBee scoreboard not working but has no errors on reload

    I'm having issues with my scoreboard. On reload i appears there are no errors but on reconnect the scoreboard doesn't appear nor does it when the player manually does /toggle. If anyone knows what my error and or problem could be please share your thoughts. Thanks, Talon. Scoreboard Skript...
  14. Chick

    UnWorking Me

    command /Dungeons [<text>]: trigger: open chest with 4 rows named "&8[&cDungeons&8]" to player format slot 0 of player with stone named "&8[&7Cave Dungeon&8]" with lore "" and "&7➜ &7Description:" and "&7The Cave Dungeon," and "&7Just a normal boring Cave." and "" and "&7➜ Level...
  15. C

    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    i've been making a gui ban skript or my server for a few hours and i can't get it to run commands anymore it worked fine before but it just stopped working for some reason i am using skript 1.14 thanks for any help here is the skript command /punish <offline player>: permission: sc.punish...
  16. M

    skwaze not working

    hi im trying to use the skwaze addon for crafting but it says "Can't understand this condition/effect:" and then the code below I also tried it with Waze at the beginning register new recipe for glass bottle with wheat, wheat, wheat,stick
  17. W

    Armor lore not updating

    Hello everyone, i have kind of got an issue with my code not working properly, so i would hope you lads got help me out with this. The thing here is it is supposed to update the lore of "Upgrade progress" but it isnt quite doing it so. When an entity attacks the player with the helmet it is...
  18. Thomas Hansen


    Hi my name is Thomas. When i try to use fx /sk reload all. it says: And in my console it says: Nothing works. Pls help